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Love Hina

Feb 22, 2011

This is another one in my Gender Bender/Tsundere List and this review will be covering everything (OVA's and all) well on with the show


Ok well I was Originally looking forward to this because I thought "it looks like a light-hearted romance anime" well holy s*** I was right it's light-hearted but also light on the STORY seriously it could've been 1000000000000(catch my drift) times better and I tried to find any sort of good story in EVERY EPISODE but as soon as I saw a story emerging from each episode someone got out a shotgun and blew it away with some bulls*** nonsence about how Narusegawa punches the living s*** out of Keitaro and this pisses me off cause I HONESTLY TRIED TO FIND GOOD POINTS but the anime didn't want me to too bad and thats why I find the story a PITIFUL 5 out of 10 (I'm too nice)


ok I give them credit for doing this in 2000 (11 years changes a lot of things...QUALITY) but even so the constantanimation of girls beating the living hell out of 1 guy gets annoying after the 1(millionth) time so animation has suffered a 5 out of 10


Although the quality is not good (ok it's 2000 but there were high quality mics back then too) the VA's did a pretty good job for this (Particuarlly Shinobu-chan) and so the voice gets 7 out of 10


Ok now to give this anime it's final blow I shall now make the fans of this anime quiver in fear for I now have my fun.I HATE ALMOST EVERY CHARACTER IN THIS ANIME seriously I think sometimes when people say tsundere is stupid they're talking about Love Hina because this show has one of the WORST characters and the LITTLE development PISSED ME OFF TO HELL the only good characters I liked were Shinobu-chan and Haruka-san other that that the cast was meh 4 OUT OF 10



Love Hina was not what I was originally looking for but did one thing for me...gave me the one bad anime I wanted but still I think it's a waste of time to watch this. I was wanting to kill myself watching this EVERY EPISODE (damn me for never dropping an anime) I was so close to dropping this but really this ONLY redemable thing was the christmas special other that the few thing aformentioned I though Love Hina was not worth calling anime (yep I revoke Love Hina as an anime)

so Love Hina gets 5.5 bullets up your A** out of 10


5/10 story
5/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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