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Yosuga no Sora

Jan 21, 2011

Warning Like School Days It Sucked


Ok now for the review to this heap of mindless se....you know what lets leave that for later.

Story(there was one???news to me)

Well here we  go again with another anime that shouldn't exist but animators need to feed themselves and decided to make this crap.Well ok here is how we start A kid (Haruka) and his sister (Sora) [take note I said his sister] and after their parents died (for no good reason and also no it wasn't explained) well they go to an old town they visited a while ago and meet some old friends and some new friends (tame at this point,you wanna watch it now, yeah yeah ok well please allow me to DESTROY YOU LOVE FOR THIS ANIME) and after meeting new friends(episode 1-2) the male in question (Haruka,seriously I think he's in the wrong body) decides to date one of the girls(Kazuha) and by episode 4 they're Fap happy teens(ecchi lover fap away.....I'm joking)and to start the next "arc" he tell the last girl sorry you P**** isn't pleaseing me and move on to the next girl.and so they cycle continues until the last "arc where he freshens thing up in his house and decides his sister looks good for the next sex toy and then in a blaze of glory they commit an incestual suicide ritual and just for good measure they live (totally unexplained)

and so the story gets the 0.5



Oh you little a****** you had to make the animation so d*** good even for 2010 everthing in regards to animation but the reason for the 8 is the EXSESSIVE AMOUNTS OF INCEST AND SEX seriously why make such good animation if your just gonna use it for some random sex scenes

And so as I reiterate what I said it gets an 8



Oh gosh I can't say much about the sound OP and ED are really good but then add the screams of ectasy in the mix and we get a mess of sex again seriously



YAY another point of no return for this anime and another point of DIE so now on with the show. like I said the characters are pretty bad and really they don't have much in the place of personality but hey why the hell are you watching for personality nah screw that were looking for what else BIG F***ING TITS AND SEX. no really if your watching this so you can sit in your room and fap yourself off then you've came to the right anime but If you want an anime with a plot and personality look elsewhere.

(might I suggest Amagami SS)

and so the characters get a well deserved 2



and so adding all these things into my opinion I've decided to give Yosuga No Sora

1 fap happy teen out of 10









0.5/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
2/10 characters
1/10 overall
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Raitou Jan 5, 2013

What utter shit of a review. You seriously need to get your ass together and write proper reviews. Who doesn't love sex? Lmao, again a review that ONLY views the bad sides according to you, there is always good sides in anime, for example you've rated animation 8 and sound 9, in other words according to your scores the overall score should be around... 4,75. But obviously you've rated the the anime on the story that you found so disgusting cause you can't understand it.

PrototypeNL Jun 13, 2011

this simply is not a genre of anime you enjoy. please dont make negative reviews about things you dont understand. if you can not stand sex or a morally daring story, do not bash it. try to see things objectively.

as for the crappy storyline, its 50% about the sex, 20% about the romance, 20% about the animation and 10% about the story. that goes for almost all ecchi.

keeping in mind that this is ecchi, i'd say 6 for the story. the characters are very convincing yet too easily seduced, so they probably deserve a 6 too. the animation and the sound are both a 8.5, so that would add up to about a 7 or a 6.5.

you wouldnt rate a christian religious anime 2 just because you dont like the religion, would you? its just some respect to those who do understand the point of view portrayed.