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Princess Lover!

Dec 21, 2010

Hello again and after many a delay here it is my review for Princess Lover!



Lets start with out with talking about the pro's an con's of the story. The story is about a boy (Arima Teppei) who gets adopted by his grandfather after his parents death and that instantly makes him one of the richest men in the world and but before taking his rightful place he saves a girl from being attacked who introduces herself and Princess Charlotte Hazlerink and our hero thinks "this girl's screwing with me" but anyways after this he turns in his commonerhood and becomes a blue-blood his worst enemy (Irony's a B****) anyways as he starts getting used to the treatment of the lower kiss-ass workers he finally meets a friend your friendly neighborhood spi.....ummm fencer d*** sla....workers can't get this right *walks away from desk* "GET THIS RIGHT!!D*** SER...ERR..Workers". anyways along the way we see Arima(DAMN I LOVE THAT NAME) become a full fleged blue blood but influencing the rich with poor people things which make the story a strong point for this anime.


Now lets address the animation which was very different although the fact that these European women have the ummm bigger assets to say the least. although lets stop putting this off the animation is very good I like this animation even if it isn't 5 stars I love it. even the scenery is nice and with higher quality you can enjoy this to the fullest. Few......ok Some .......ok most of the animations couldn't be done most the the ones that could be done is the fencing. ending on this the animation is very crisp and well done.

Sound & Character

Now the next area of which is the Sound and Character. The sounds within the anime are well recorded and mixes with the anime without fault. continuing on the voice actors of this anime were extremely well done and did very well on this anime my favorite would have to be Charlotte's VA she really out did herself I mean the whole cast was awesome just her's stood out among the rest andding with the sound the OP/ED were really good and fit with the anime and would add them to my Anime Music Collection any time. That adds another great point to this anime time to calculate the score.



This anime shined very brightly through my expanding collection of anime and I would watch this twice just would have to wait a while before that but anyways overall the anime gets 9 Indecent moments out of 10


AUTHORS NOTE...If anyone tries to do not speak of the OVA you shall die

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
9/10 overall
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