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School Days

Oct 20, 2010



Hmmmm Ummm  Welll not much to say let me start with its about a guy named Makoto who like a girl Katsura and is helped by a new friend Sekai and along the way he has already fallen in "love" with Katsura and then he get bored with his new toy and tosses her aside for Sekai and so the cycle starts again with the same thing happening again but this time he becomes a full fleged sex addict have affairs with like 7 girls within those a threesome      (he pulled a small scale tiger woods) and in the end he along with Sekai get brutally murdered slaughtered and what else well not much but yeah a really screwed up series along the way with things like rape and murder. basically the only thing Makoto didnt have sex with was the scenery(or did he) and Katsura's little sister which again suprised me

but anyways the stroy didnt have much originality yes even the mass amount of cheating involved still it gats a 4 out of 10


whats there to animate a lot of sex some fights blood yeah no loose ends to tie up here the animation gets 3 out of 10


The ONLY good thing about this anime the voice actors were good throughout the whole anime its jusy they didnt really get cast in a good anime needless to say the only score the sound gets is 5 out of 10


one of my favorite points and also the most integeral in any anime the characters and yet they ruined raped mutilated stabbed killed slughtered every characters seriously a sex addict come to realize the 1st girl he like was "the one" and then just to end the series on a happy fun time note the main character gets brutally murdered by his I dont know ex-girlfriend(what the hell) and then his last girlfriend....(not sure but its psycho) brutally kills his ex...............................................seriously what the hell is wrong with this anime its not a love triangle is more like a love octagon from hell

Im just gonna skip to the overall this anime in my favor get 3 cheated on girls out of 10

REVIEWER'S NOTE I warn you do not watch this anime it sucks beyond anything I can imagine to compare its the Shark Attack 3 of anime I would much rather spend 24 hours watching Pokemon Giratina & The Sky Warrior looping than watch this again

4/10 story
3/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall

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apocalypse41195 Dec 28, 2010

@HopeGrace thanks for enjoying the review I hope to become an official one day ,also thanks again for the comment.

HopeGrace Dec 27, 2010

"basically the only thing Makoto didnt have sex with was the scenery(or did he) and Katsura's little sister which again suprised me"