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Well I have read the other reviews and I kinda agree but this anime has a certian psycholgical weridness to it but even so the characters are very funny yet deciving and the plot kinda dull down but then picks up an second season would totally kill it but the story started out funny then the kiss of death just plop and a lot of stuff doesnt get answered but you might figure that out and the Ehh Emm insectual ending well killed the plot so I guess that is what everyone else was talking about I might agree slightly with someone who said only watch up to ep.10 but all in all it was an OK anime I would recomend it to anyone who just wants to sit back and laugh for a bit


This Anime Gets 8.5 I'll Have You Dead!!! Kicks out of 10

7/10 story
7/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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RazorAce says...

I generally agree with what you are saying.

The incest...


There is a part where Junichi's real parent's suggests that they didn't tell him some piece of information about his sister, which presumably is that they are not related by blood. Also the fact that Junichi used to be a completely different person; anti-social, violent, lived alone and the fact that it was his sister (which am just going to assume is not related by blood, despite the conversation Yuuhi had with his sister) who first "rescued" him from the lifestyle, means that Junichi is quite loyal to a woman whom he loves, i.e. worth more as a man. Add on the fact that the writer left the ending (sort of) open, the plot makes perfect sense.

Oct 3, 2010