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Favorite - My Top Manga

Ranked solely on my enjoyment of reading it in Japanese language.
1 Knights of the Zodiac image
Knights of the Zodiac
2 Hellsing image
3 Fist of the North Star image
Fist of the North Star

Less filler and slightly different order of events. Even if I like the anime adaptation. The manga is definitely better.

4 Tsukihime image

Because Typemoon manga is much better than anime.

5 Melty Blood image
Melty Blood

Because Typemoon manga is much better than anime even in sequels.

6 Fate/Stay Night image
Fate/Stay Night

Slightly different story line than in the older anime adaptation.

7 Girl Friends image
Girl Friends

The best yuri romance.

8 Sumire 16-sai!! image
Sumire 16-sai!!

School comedy with a doll and middle-age man as main heroine.

9 Sumire 17-sai!! image
Sumire 17-sai!!
10 Kobato. image

Light, yet touching fantasy romance and comedy.

11 Gosick image
12 Superior image
13 Dragon Ball Z image
Dragon Ball Z
14 Kurohime image
15 Yuru Yuri image
Yuru Yuri
16 A Certain Scientific Railgun image
A Certain Scientific Railgun
17 Maria Holic image
Maria Holic
18 Magi image
19 Seigi no Mikata image
Seigi no Mikata
20 Bitter Virgin image
Bitter Virgin
21 Fate/Zero image


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