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about me

I love Japanese language and great stories. I watch anime only in Japanese - raws. I read manga only in Japanese. I consider reviews based on dubbed movie or translated book an abomination.

Why read manga in Japanese
I read manga only in Japanese, because knowledge of Japanese language, culture and civilization allows to understand subtle meanings in content - consequently results in improved reading experience. Makes reader more aware that characters think and act in Japanese way. Also it fits more natural to overall design of manga written in classical style - reading from right to left vertically. Note that translations are lossy (missing meaning, translation errors, etc).

Why watch anime in Japanese
I watch anime only in Japanese, because very similar reasons as in case of manga. I started with English fan-subs and when I got better in Japanese then I gradually switched to raws. I always recommend to avoid dubbed anime at all cost. Not all non-Japanese dubs are bad some of them are quite good, but none can match original.

I've saying: "When you taste a fine wine, you won't be satisfied with common beverage anymore." (translated)

What I think about reviews
There is no such thing as objective review. There is no hard basis for objectivity of review. I think reviews are subjective.

What I think about recommendations
As each anime/manga is substantially different and like/dislike is purely subjective it's highly improbable I would like other anime/manga sole on some similarities in story. Especially if reasoning were made by someone else.

What is the best way to find good anime
Simply put trial and error. You find out soon there are lot of people that gladly trash your favorite pieces - especially in so called official site reviews. To be completely fair You would do the very same to theirs. 

What kind of characters in anime/manga I hate most
male: whining (example: Ganta IGARASHI - Deadman Wonderaland)
female: pestering (example: Chi-Chi - Dragon Ball Z)

My favorite anime

Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate Logo

My favorite manga

聖闘士星矢 Saint Seiya

 Saint Seiya logo

How I rate stars to anime/manga

Time waste. Story none, meaningless or some pathetic excuse for story. In case of ecchi  purely built for sake of the almighty fan-service in very stereotypical way. More importantly there is nothing of interest (music, animation, etc.) for me.

Should I really care what is going on? No I do not. In case of ecchi story built for "fan-service" but in more enjoyable package with some interesting twists or settings.

Weak story. I liked one or two characters. It might look promising, but I don't like it.

I like some of it, but there is great deal of much better anime/manga series.

Average in every aspect. It might have some moments of greatness but they are rare. 

Story that is satisfactory and little bit above average. Worth to watch/read once. 

Good anime/manga. This is my standard minimum I'm looking for. Sometimes I think story could be even better If somebody didn't screwed it up. Worth to watch/read once.

Very good  enjoyable anime/manga above average. I'm pleasured with story and overall quality. But I don't feel urge to watch/read it again.

Splendid and very enjoyable anime/manga. But there is strong feel of missing step to achieve status of master piece (5 star). I'm ready to watch/read it again.

Master piece. There is nothing or very little wrong. Excellent soundtrack for anime that fits to story is must. When I watch/read it again (and again) I find new interesting things in story.

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SaruSan avatar SaruSan


Apr 6, 2012
SaruSan avatar SaruSan


Apr 1, 2012

O:! i read ur bio and im impressed that you were able to learn Japanese just by watching anime and reading manga xD (wish i could do that lol) i also agree with ur ratings xD

MomoChan12 avatar MomoChan12

Thanks! ^_^

Dec 22, 2011

Hello nice to meet you. I really love strawberry panic it was the first yuri i watched and it was amazing <3

ProjectBlackRai avatar ProjectBlackRai

Thanks! ^_^

Dec 19, 2011

Thanks for the suggestion. I think I'll do just that. ~_^

blackkaze avatar blackkaze

Great Anime List!

Nov 28, 2011

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