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i started watching anime at the age of 7 with MazingerZ and a couple of years later im still watching anime, and i dont think im gonna stop watching  them. i like to draw my own manga and someday i would like to have my own manga.

heres a couple of saying i live by:

1.Not everything that glittrers is gold

2.A wise man sees more from the bottom of the well , than a fool sees from the top of the mountain.

3.Impossible is in the dictionary of fools

4.The one that says that i cant  be done shouldnt interrupt the one doing it.

Favorites movies. The bourne Identity, supremacy and ultimatum, 300 , wargames, underworld and underworld evolution (waiting for the third one), AVP, and AVP: requiem , apocalypto, the resident evil trylogies , ferris bueller day off, spaceballs.

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chamomille Oct 5, 2008

thanks a lot for your recs..i'll give it a try^_^

btw, nice avatar - Sesshomaru is one of my favourite characters!

wolfangel87 Oct 4, 2008

I totally do!  It was really good and action packed, I thought the story line was interesting too!

BrainDamage Oct 4, 2008

i deffinetley recomend u claymore pure ownage...herd that the new episodes r being made :)

wolfangel87 Oct 2, 2008

A lot of it has to do with over all animation.  If I don't like the animation I usually put it in no watch, also I don't like solely animal related shows.  Also a lot of it is about plot, if it does not have a good/interesting plot I won't watch it.  I am always open to a change of opinion if people comment on it. 

VivisQueen Oct 1, 2008

Hello! And yeah, I think I saw you in the introduction thread. And welcome! Also, Bourne movies ROCK!