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Konnichiwa, Ogenki desu ka! ;D

Watashi no onamae wa Anna desu! Obviously, I absolutely love anime! I'm currently taking a Japanese class at my high school. I'm a third year and I'm quite proud of it! ^.^ I only took that class because of anime and I'm loving it! Samu Sensei is soo sugoi!! But even though I'm still trying to remember all the things we learned in the past, I'm getting a better understanding of their interesting language everyday! Their culture is soo amazing! I want to live in Japan for a year, who doesn't right?! XD I'm currently loving Japanese dramas! OMG, I can't get enough of them! Anyone heard of Hey! Say! Jump!? Yeah basically they are my loves!! Daiki Arioka is my future husband! That's why I need to get to Japan as soon a possible! Haha! (^.^)b

Ja ne! ^.^

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linh7x Nov 18, 2008

daaaamn fool.

i don't know, i felt the need to comment you on here.


...nothing important to say.

carry on with your life.


eQkox Aug 19, 2007

Welcome! Welcome! hope your enjoying your time here! It seems like you enjoy romatic comedy types from your list so far. I would suggest you watch School Rumble and Zero no Tsukaima. ps: anirec made a myspace a lil while ago if you watch to check out a few of the members here. ~cya

cherryred02 Aug 12, 2007

yo click add on my page.:]