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Da Capo

Aug 21, 2012

I watched Da Capo a while back when I was sick. I was home from school, and felt like doing something to pass the time. On some anime watching site I found this so called "Da Capo" and figured "why the heck not". Little did I know I would be bored sh*tless for the next 26 f**king episodes and so on to find a second season, and a sequel.

Story: The anime starts out in the dream of Asakura Junnichi. This was a good direction to start causing me to continue watching the first episode. The dream ends with an indication that this Junnichi has some sort of magical powers, and we then find are character awakened by his sister-in-law. After an awkward "is he going kiss her scene" the show continues from there following the same pattern every harem anime does. Enough said, you know what I mean. (The beach, exams, the carnival) The anime does one thing good through, and that's getting to hate many of the fucking dull boring characters. My point being that I fell asleep at least 5 different episodes, and spent about 15 others talking to my self for entertainment and to prevent my self from falling asleep. The only time I really payed any attention was at the end when I thought all my boredom would be over... until I learned there was a second season.

Animation: For a 2003 anime based off a Adult Visual Novel, the animation quality is poor. For they do an okay job at lighting (for the time) the actual quality isn't all that spectacular. The characters aren't to great either, nor original. The only thing I was really interested was "some" of the backgrounds. They also seemed to a rather good job at trees (That's not saying much).

Sound: The music wasn't that great in this. I think one of the ost's was "ok" but nothing memorable. In fact I don't remember a single song or even the op "which I played the 26 times I watched one of these boring episodes).

Characters: Awful, all unoriginal and boring. In fact, the only ones that weren't boring were the ones I winded up hating the most, Nemu and Sakura. These characters just pissed me off weather it was the jealousy or the shitty fucking dialog. I couldn't tell if it was the writing that through me off most of the time, or the voice actors.

Overall: The only reason why this didn't get anything lower was because there is MUCH worse things out there. Boredom isn't really a reason to give it something that low, and honestly there it wasn't completely boring, wait no never mind, it was. But the boring aspect is my opinion, and I don't honestly liking giving a review based on my "opinion". This might have not been a good start for this anime series, but I was happy to see how the entire thing improved in the later season, or the sequel season. Still if you are going to watch Da Capo, I recommend the better of the 2 different name related shows and watch Da Capo 2.

2/10 story
3/10 animation
3/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall

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