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I love to marathon shows. Since I got into this habit, simulcasts are now so hard for me T_T . I get excited about a show finally starting, can't wait to watch an episode, get hooked, and then have to wait for one freaking episode a week. I don't know how I used to watch what my family refers to as "real tv". Waiting for my anime to air reminds me of how as a kid you'd wait for the ice cream truck to come by, but you'd get distracted, then at the last minute run out the door like your pants were on fire. Yup. So I try to save up some episodes and watch it in chunks (for binge weeks), or avoid a show completely until it's done airing. 

I have a hard time dropping animes, even if it's really bad or not one of my preferred genres. I have a 3 episode rule to decide if I like it or not since some shows just start out slow. I hate it when I get stuck in the grey zone of having watched 5 ep. but don't know if I actually like the show (which is usually a sign it's not very good)... but when seasons are usually 12-13 ep., I figure I might as well finish it. I believe the rare times when I do decide to drop a show are usually when I can't stand the MC(s). Even when I know from reviews that there should be some character development, if they're going to act like that for 12+ episodes, forget it  -_-.

Umm, bio "me"-wise, I pretty much like a little bit of everything in anime and music. I have favorite or preferred genres, but I can generally find something I like in every category. I think this reflects my personality- a little all over the place with certain tendencies depending on my mood. I like "me time", but people like to be around me for some reason. I also have a wickedly dark sense of humor, inherited from my family (this creates "have-to-watch-what-I-say" situations when in mixed company that sometimes creates unneeded stress >_<).

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bvincent says...

I like your watched list, especially the sports shows. plenty of which I really want to see one day.

I totally follow a similar rule of at least giving a show 3-5 episodes to decide how i reall feel about it. Though i very rarely drop anything and tend to want to finish everything I start.

Hope you enjoy using Anime-Planet. Its been the perfect Anime companion for me the past 6 years : )

Nov 13, 2013