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Hmm. Let's see. I love watching shows by entire seasons/airings. I have a really hard time with simulcasts (I feel like I'm waiting for a fix only 2 days after watching an episode). It's definitely an issue witth my personality (-_-;) . Right now I'm really enjoying going back and forth between older and newer/ current animes.

I pretty much like a little bit of everything in anime and music. I have favorite or preferred genres, but I can generally find something I like in every category. I think this reflects my personality- a little all over the place with certain tendencies depending on my mood. I like "me time", aka slowly turning into a hermit the older I get, but people like to be around me for some mysterious reason.... I'm finding, as with any rare commodity, the scarcer I make myself the more people seek me out (perhaps partially to give peace of mind and ensure I'm still with the living).

My dark and inappropriate sense of humor is genetic so family functions are ridiculously fun. Most people around me now accept that I watch a ton of anime and read manga (I even got some hooked mwahaha). If all else fails, I'll just blame it on my mom for buying me sailor moon dolls when I was younger (^▽^)  .

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bvincent Nov 13, 2013

I like your watched list, especially the sports shows. plenty of which I really want to see one day.

I totally follow a similar rule of at least giving a show 3-5 episodes to decide how i reall feel about it. Though i very rarely drop anything and tend to want to finish everything I start.

Hope you enjoy using Anime-Planet. Its been the perfect Anime companion for me the past 6 years : )