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I love ... Anime, Manga, blue flowers, sitting underwater at the bottom of a swimming pool, old growth forests, the smell of moss and dirt, hearing my mother laugh, swimming at night, wind chimes, walking barefoot, festivals, stargazing, old graveyards, frozen grapes, get-togethers, camp horror movies, petrified wood, abandoned places, moon shadows, cranking up the astral jukebox, gigantic mossy rocks, waterfalls, cobble stone roads, evil clowns, the crunch of snow,following deer trails, following my gut, the moon, a cozy fire, creative cooking, ancient history, meaningful conversations, lush gardens, revelations, really great photographs, carved pumpkins(Jack O Lanterns), laughing until it hurts, longer days in summer, digging in the dirt, surreal cinema, ice water, a good pen, road trips, the final page of a novel, living in freedom, spontaneity, surprises, forgiveness, free samples, sleeping with my window open in the summer, the sound of ocean waves, nectarines, huge old barns, castles, stone bridges, corn fields, sunflowers, dreams where I can fly, mosh pits, willow trees, Lions(the candy), craggy cliffs, dirt devils, warm sand, lighthouses, mazes, Stephen King, lanterns, starfish, sour candy, white candles, summer nights, old doors, the colors blue & black together, girl punk bands, tree-lined roads, dragonflies, baby raccoons, meteor showers, didgeridoos, ghosts, laser pens, watermelons, swimming holes, tree swings, floating, garden gates, fountains, sand dunes, camping, frozen lakes, sleeping outside, blue water, thunder and lightning, abandoned creepy houses, attics, reading, fireworks, dirty jokes, the smell of a campfire, my ipod, vacations, friendship, green tabasco, old t-shirts, sunrises and sunsets, crunchy leaves, movie marathons, very tall bookshelves with ladders, crickets chirping, skeleton keys, caves, rollercoasters, ancient ruins, a full moon, being inappropriate, food fights, creative swearing, gargoyles, really big words, cheering people up, blue sky, equal rights, justice, lava lamps, open mindedness, effortlessly kind people, spinning, ghost towns, stonehenge, daydreaming, white birch trees, houses made of stone, sunparks, hot springs, snowfall,...

I hate ... Noisy people, people who think they are better than the rest, traitors, liars, musketoes, spiders (well I do not really hate them its just that they creep me out...), having to wait for a website to load, traffic jams, getting tired after staying up to long, schoolwork, people critisizing anime without knowing it, to want something and feeling it is just within your grasp but not being able to get it, ...

Ok I know, I might overdid it a little bit, but still it\\\\\\\\'s a bio about the things I like & hate. Now a short bio about my looks & tastes.

*Gender: Boy *Haircolor: White *Weight: 70kg *Color Eyes: Blue/Gray *Body type: Just right for my size *Size: 180cm / 70.86inch *Age: 18 *Clothing style: Trendy, Extravagant, ... *Music Style: J-POP, J-ROCK, Trance, Dance, House, *Favorite Coctail: Vodka Redbull *Favorite pet: Huskie *Favorite Car: My Audi TT Roadster *Movie Genre: Horror, Thriller, Drama, Romance, Fantasy *What do i think is romantic: Taking walks (at night) in the forrest, Lying on the beach, Watching the sunset (on the beach), Watching the stars ,...

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HikaruTenshi Aug 25, 2009

Your avatar is lovely.


ICeNoAcH Jun 11, 2008

lol you love a lot it seems :p

and an other belgian :d nice  

algelic Jul 21, 2007

Wow. What DON'T you like? xD I can see you're easily pleased.

I really liked your profile. :) are you sure you're a guy? you'd be every girl's dream. xD

Another anime addict from Europe. yay! Nice to meet you!

sothis Jul 16, 2007

Wow, great new profile! I like craggy cliffs, myself ;)

 Welcome to Anime-Planet ^_^