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Nabari no Ou

Feb 7, 2012


Basically the story of this anime is about a book call Shinra Banshou but truth be told it's not really a book. this book is said to hold powers that can make someone a King of nabari adn can change the world as we know it. A boy named Miharu  now hold that book of wisdom inside of him, many people are out to get the information and or kill him. 

During my experience of the anime i thought the begining was VERY boring, but it is to be expected for every animie that is slow, and rises near the later ends of the anime. I thought it was so slow that i watched 4 episodes and then came back to it now, which is more than 5 months later. Cuz compared to naruto and Brave 10 which are botha bout ninja's the beginning was not intreging. It was not until episode 7ish , near the middle that the story has started to pick up .  It made me want to watch more of it , because the story begame deeper and deeper. As Miharu starts to deepen his bonds with his freinds and yoite the story then starts to unraval itself. Also in the anime there is not as much humor used throughout since it has some seriousness in it. The humor in the begining was okay , and got a little better in the middle half, but towards the climax of the story line not much was used.

In the end the story was slow but it picked up , it was a nice anime to watch when there is no others because it eventually becomes something worth watching but not if your looking for comedy in it was well. Therefore the story is 7.1 

The animation is okay, the backgrounds though were not well done, I have seen better , but in the end i lost intrest in it.

The sound is bad in this anime; althought im talking about the background music , the theme songs etc. 
The voices etc. used thoroughout the anime and in the characters were well done which fit the image of the anime.  


The characters designs i liked , it was normal and different than normal animes about ninjas. The characters personalities and traits etc. was very good, it did not make me hate or think any one was annoying except the bad guys of course. This was well done in the anime. 

In the end you decide what to do , watch or not watch it, for me it took a long time but the anime overal was a good one. 

7.1/10 story
3/10 animation
5.5/10 sound
8/10 characters
6.9/10 overall
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