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Kemono no Souja Erin

Aug 13, 2011

I started to watch this anime yesturday when i was bored and then i was so into the anime that i would stay up as long as i can to watch what i can. This anime is a good family or all-round aniem that you will love and become one of you favourites.

Story:In this anime viewers get to watch a beutiful story through and through about a young girl that faces many obsticles throught the anime and her mother with is a single parent. the writer of this story made it a very beautiful one that got you asking all these wuestion and you wont find out until you keep watching the next episode. Which is why this anime is so good the writer has made it so you will want to continue what you have left off. But the story is indeed a good one but it has some flaws(sp) one being that with the rightous protagonist that is loved you get the typical villian that viewers see all the time in the anime that center around politcal or historical or ones that involve a plalace etc. Other than this the anime is one that will bring tears and smiles to your faces.

Animation: The thing about the animation in the anime is that because it is made a while back and also it has a theme the characters are designed the way they are. The scenery that you see in the background is very beautiful and good. The designs and animation are fit perfectly with the anime. The reason it is a 6.5 is because when it comes to a certain areas or scenes in the anime it goes into a sorta different way than you will see usually which is why i feel it takes away from the animation.

Sound: The sound i found very fitting for the theme of the anime. The opening i felt was very good and beautiful and it is also heard as background music in the anime which fits perfectly. Other sounds and music are also heard through out the anime that add an edge to the scene and adds emotion which is why it is a perfect score.Not to mention the sound of the beast in the anime are very unique and cool.

Characters: What can i say about he characters without given something away? Well in the anime Erin which is the main character is a very lovable person, which no one will hate. She is the one people will be routing for to make it thrugh life to become happy for sure. Although on the other hand, when dealing with the antagist they can be spotted very easily and are typical. This is also another reason why this anime is so good it gets you into it. routing for characters, cheering , hating on them, getting angry. 

Overall: Overall this anime is very good but drags on a little. It may be very slow but it picks up. There may be chacters that you dont like but there will be some you do. There will be music that you want to listen to over and over again, learn japanese and there will be soem you will skip. But all theses dont change the fact that this anime is a very heartfelt , touching and moving story that any one will enjoy. Dakara please watch until the end, you should not be dissaponted at this anime.

PS: excuse the spelling mistakes if there is any, not proof reading.


8/10 story
6.5/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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