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my thoughts


Im am currently watch fighting beauty wulong and im on ep 24.. 
soo i would like to put it out there that if mao lan wins the match against chuyyan or how ever you spell it ima be a little piised. am  a little half and half i want her to win cuz her and her father are very creul and bad ppl but when lan had 2 frekin months to train for her match all she did was NOTHING she sulked, didnt train properly while at least chuyyan did her best to train for the 2 months in the wild. and she was left in bruises so i admire that about her that she didnt slack off and she was training very hard. which is somewhat y i think she should win. but like i said it would be very bad if she won sooooo im gonna watch the last 2 ep and see how it turns out. either way mao lan dissapointed me in the last few episodes . o that reminds me another reason lan pissed e off was when she was trying to get lin-chan from her sisters clutches and she eet with the guy that was help lan to find her.. he tried to explain to her wht was happening in pain i might add and lan was soooo impatient say .. soo.. , i going to find lin-chan etc. and doesnt give hi to full explain. PISS OFF

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