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My thoughts on Shoujo/Romance manga's

22 FEB

Well........ I like shoujo manga's and romance because they can be very cute. I'm a girl after all. But after reading and reading some a couple, there are a few that i loved and some that i dont . The biggest reasons are the GIRLS ATTITUDE.!!!!!!


These girls in the manga are not honest with their feelings so we go on a coupld of chapters figuring out when is she going to say it . Another thing that i hate these girls that feeling change so quickly. I feel that is so horrible and will hurt the guys feelings and what not cuz you are basically stringing along 2 or more guys figuring out who you like and that you like guy B more than guy A but you loved guy A in the beginning of the manga and then you suddenly liked guy B more than guy A. well i somewhat thing guy A was too so as well confessing . Furthermore i hate it when these girls are too clingy . Okay there is a level of clinglness is okay , because you want to be with them . but to get so worked up talking to another girl. talking to his ex-girlfriend. or going out somewhere that you dont know what he is doing  IS DOWN RIGHT CRAZINESS. like how pathetic and insecure can you be. to top it of another thing is THESE GIRLS ARE TO FOSS!. like are you fu**ing kinding me. these people will either follow them if they leave class, if they go to a plce at night , if they go with a girl , if their with his friends. search his phone, stalk him basically or be nosy in his personal affairs to an extent which is not acceptable. Like i understand you want to know more about the personn , about his family life , his past rrelationships but the way they go about it , like "oo i want to be the closest to insert name here , more than insert girls name here" take your fuc*in time, and learn about it . dont go following him to everywhere, SMH SMH SMH *sighhhhh* 

a lot more things piss me off as well like a couple breaks up because and close girfrind or boy is pitiful and got into an accident . there is no need . SMH 

anyway to sum it all up i hate these types of girls . but once you get passed all of that some of the manga's are really good . and not all shoujo have idotic girl heroines.


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