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Naruto Shippuden

I really loved the first season of naruto, i watched it all day long! And then i needed to wait 4mounths for naruto shippuuden to come out. I couldn't wait to watch it, so i desided to read the manga. When naruto shippuuden finally came out, I waited every week for the new episode, as you watch naruto proseed his journey to become stronger, and get sasuke back to the village he needs to overcome many bad guys.

I really liked the first episode when naruto got back with jiraya but i was hoping for a bit more drama and a more of a "reunion." But i was satisfide but the outcome, i was a bit disapointed when naruto and sakura got a new team member and captain. I was also really confused what the relation with danzo and sai was. But you get to know eventually. i got used to sai and he wasen't as bad as i thought, actually sai leads to enormous laughter. When he's trying to understand people's feelings, when naruto developed his new technique i was like finally but that's because there where to much fillers. I also was not really happy that azuma died, jiraya died, itachi died and the tsunade died or something didn't get it because i stopped at episode 184.

the story is actually about naruto getting sasuke back but sasuke doesn't want that, When you hate long story's that avoid the subject and much fillers i would not recommend it to you. But if you really like long story's, drama i would recommend it to you.

I stopped watching it i just got irritated with it and wait for 1 episode every week, but i really liked the it :) maybe that i would watch it in the future again. enjoy

7/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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