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Okay so my life has kinda been based around anime and here is where it started... first anime i ever saw was Digimon and after Pokemon i fell in love with it. My sister is a HUGE anime Freak and she has introduced me to a new anime every few months and sometimes she would let me finnish one before she places another on the list but the ones she gives me is still awsome . . . i must confess though i kinda got a few of my friends hooked on animes i have got in my head and as soon as something reminds us of it WATCH OUT cause we Will quote it. My friends constintly want to me to watch new ones. thanks to one of them i found this Epic website. and Hold on to your hats cause IT CONTINUES.....My favroite is Fullmetal Alcamist, D.Grayman, InuYasha, RomeoXJuliet, DNAngel,Detective Conan, Elamental Gelade and others cause I LOVE most of the ones i watch but these are just a few and i can't wait till november next year cause VIC MIGNOGNA is comeing to a theater near ME!!!! now all i need is Richerd Cox and i'm good. And that concludes my epic adventure so far.

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Pipalopacopalis Oct 18, 2011

Welcome Stranger, let us discuss anime tomorrow.

SinTheory Oct 11, 2011

Welcome to Anime Planet! If you would so like, drop a comment on my page! Oh and i hope you enjoy your time here!