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I'm in college right now and like to watch anime on my free time.  Also, I just started taking Japanese language courses ^_^

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VivisQueen Jan 15, 2009

Thank you for your feedback. I'd encourage you to look at my ratings scale in my profile bio to help you interpret my reviews. A 6 for you and a 6 for me may mean completely different things. 6.4, according my scale is the highest mark for 'average'. This is because, FMP, compared to everything else I've watching is average, albeit almost good. Regarding the animation ratings, yes, Kenshin got a 6.5 because, for its time, the animation is good. There are several scenes in which it looks bad, but there are also several moments when it looks fantastic for its 90s era (the fight between Kenshin and Kaito, for example, is beautifully animated and has aged well). Kenshin thus gets a average-to-good mark for its animation. FMP is a much younger anime and was created in an era when the average look for animation is much higher than it was during Kenshin's age. It's animation for its era is good, but not that good.

Regarding the other FMP series, yes, Fumoffu and TSR are far, far better than the original series, both in content as well as the animation (although, animation by itself had little bearing on my analysis). The last two series may have the same characters and same background story as the original, but they (in particular, TSR) also offer more accomplished direction, more sympathetic, nuanced characterisation, more intense drama, better realised villains, funnier comedy etc. In my list, you'll find I rated TSR 4/5 (or 8.2/10 in my ratings scale) and Fumoffu 4/5 (8/10). And I stand by those judgements.

Finally, I believe I have justified my ratings very well with the CONTENT of the review. So if you're wondering why FMP got average marks, please read the text I have written. It's detailed, it's comprehensive, and I think it's also entertaining to read. If you disagree with any specific points, by all means, post your opinions in the relevant review thread in the forum, and I'll be happy to get into a discussion about it.

Kari5 Jan 14, 2009

That's a really nice avatar!

sothis Dec 13, 2007

Your comments are empty, so i thought I'd say hello :D