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Overhaul time...havent edited this in ages...ahaha

Soooo about me..... Zak, 19 turning 20 this year ;D living in Australia!!!! place to be ;) although bad thing is we have to wait longer for anime and pretty much evereything else, though not too bad in recent times

Fav stuff : Anime and Pro Wrestling!!!! - WWE, USA Indies, and the Australian Pro Wrestling Scene!!!! If you wanna check some shows out, Aus Indy Wrestling is the place to check out independent promotion of all Feds! ;D - https://www.facebook.com/australianindywrestling

Current Fav feds would defs be MCW (vic) and PWA (nsw) (  hoping to visit rcw and zero 1 australia later this year ;)  )

Anywayyyyyyyy this is anime planetey.....

How I got into Anime - Like all kids, watched anime on tv every morning, e.g. Pokemon, Bey Blades, YugiOh, DBZ, One Piece, etc, etc, HOWEVER Also like most kids, had no idea of its origins - thai IT WAS Anime (as opposed to american cartoons with far less animation quality, work, etc)

Fast forward all the way to 2010 in highschool, 2 of my friends who were heavily into drawing manga/watching anime got me into watching Girls Bravo!!!!!!!!!!

Will admit of course at first watched for the ecchi, but soon just absolutely fell in love with everything about it, the charachters, the story (or lack of one il'l admit ;) ) , the music, the ecchi! the whole show was just having so much fun, but the charachters actually had real emotions, personalities, depth, and so much more :D Remains my First and Favourite Anime to this day ;D

From there first subbed anime watched was Samurai Girls - (3rd show i think?) and actually was a fun transition to something i'd never done/seen at the time - then 2nd subbed anime happened to be 2nd fav of all time (or possibly tied cause i cant decide ) Zero no Tsukaima!!!!!!!

The best romance anime I'd ever watched, i remember literally jumping up and down in the school locker room when after about 2 years of waiting, the 4th and final Season was announced and aired, and although many complained about the 4th season not living up to expectations, for me it was pretty much everything i wanted, and had one of the cutest/happiest endings i'd ever seen, leaving you wanting to see more, but still happy ;D

Since then....hadn't really been able to find anything as good....maybe its just me ahaha though rewatching Toradora a few months ago (being a lot older this time) really made me understand it a lot more....so yeah just rewatching a lot of animes i guess...but still watching a few new ones ;)

Currently watching: FMA Brotherhood, Random Ghilbi Films

Display Pic - Kazaharu Fukuyama from Girls Bravo ;)

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AkumaSama avatar AkumaSama


Jan 8, 2012

Hi I know this is random, but I wanted to asked from what anime is your avatar? It looks cool, so I wanted to know ^^

animeandwwefanDXXD avatar animeandwwefanDXXD

Thanks! ^_^

Dec 3, 2011

Thanks for telling me about kimikiss!! :)  when i commented if it was like toradora! ^_^

and i commented this on your wall thingey like ages ago as well, but i just wanted to reply here as well since it looks like i never eplied! i feel bad lol XD!!!

Lumineux avatar Lumineux


Oct 27, 2011

It is somewhat similiar, in terms of story and setting. Toradora is more of a tsundere genre, and has a love quad. KimiKiss has about 4 different love triangles, so character development is not as focused. In short IIRC, KimiKiss is more on the cute side and Toradora is on the comedy/tsundere side.

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