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22Y/O Forklift Driver/Pro Wrestling Fan/Soapmaker/Amateur photographer and videographer/ Temp worker/Casual Event Worker/Self taught Japanese Langauge Student/ probably soon to be classed as a learning addict! lol too many more...

Fav stuff : Anime and Pro Wrestling!!!! - WWE, USA Indies, and the Australian Pro Wrestling Scene!!!! - 

1st Ever Anime: Pokemon of course! lol

1st "Actual Anime, Anime" - Girls Bravo!!!! ;P (even though most people regard it as a plotless ecchi/harem anime for the most part, being my first anime i checked it out for the ecchi il'l admit (lol) but then actually started watching it properly and just fell for the the entire show and the artform (anime) in general! that said in my opinion i still maintain that the charachters actually had real emotions, personalities, depth, and much more! :) :P

Favourite Anime of All TIME! - Tie between Girls Bravo and Zero No Tsukaima :P

1st subbed anime - Samurai Girls (decent show, still havent gotten around to watching the sequel of it now 5 or so years later lol X(

Other fav shows aka - "I wish there was more anime Like":

- Porco Rosso

- Spirited Away

- Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

- Zero No Tsukaima

- Tiger and Bunny (that being said, STILL havent watched the movies yet...)

- Toradora

- One Piece (preferably shorter though??? lol still never watched past the "baroque works" arc)

Currently watching: Random Ghilbi Films, any other random anime on a sporadic basis lol

Display Pic - Kazaharu Fukuyama from Girls Bravo ;)

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AkumaSama says...

Hi I know this is random, but I wanted to asked from what anime is your avatar? It looks cool, so I wanted to know ^^

Jan 8, 2012
animeandwwefanDXXD says...

Thanks for telling me about kimikiss!! :)  when i commented if it was like toradora! ^_^

and i commented this on your wall thingey like ages ago as well, but i just wanted to reply here as well since it looks like i never eplied! i feel bad lol XD!!!

Dec 3, 2011
Lumineux says...

It is somewhat similiar, in terms of story and setting. Toradora is more of a tsundere genre, and has a love quad. KimiKiss has about 4 different love triangles, so character development is not as focused. In short IIRC, KimiKiss is more on the cute side and Toradora is on the comedy/tsundere side.

Oct 27, 2011