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K-On! Movie

Oct 29, 2013

The K-ON movie!!!!!

Soooo bit of a hard one to review...watched the K-on series a few years back, then in slight anticipation of the movie to come out after all these years, it was fianlllyyyy released in australia a few months ago i believe  - that being said i probably could have seen it online, but i'd kinda gotten out of the series after a few years, then after watching the movie was watched it better, now rewatching k-on all over again!!!

One thing to be sure of though is this is by no means a drama or action packed movie - it is essentially what k-on is - relaxed, cute, slice of life anime with awesome music in there ;D and for me i enjoyed it a lot more the 2nd time around, (also may be with a dvd issue watching it 1st time)

anywayyyy story...not much to say here, except the start of the movie is a troll... just like azu-nyan, you are being trolled ;) haha then from there everything's just like in the series, except in this movie they travel to london and then have the language barrier issue, among other things - watching the japanese dub/eng sub, i have no idea how they'd go about this in the eng sub lol - then they also spend a decent amount of time in school, so its not all travel :)

Animation -all the same i'm pretty sure :D awesome style as always but no huge change or differentce that i saw

Sound - watched and have always watched the jap dup/eng sub :D i think my main reason was that i heard a bit of the japanese music and then english version music and was like yeahhh....gonna go with japanese ;) ....again can't critisise the english dub since i havent seen/heard it, but love the japanese voices/ done prefectly :D also many awesome songs in this movie ;D ichiban ipai ( that plays in the trailer is only one of many! ;) )

Charachters - give it 10 as well :D all awesome and all so likeable haha

soooo i think thats it...not much else to say but just to have fun watching the movie, relax, and enjoy it!!! ;D

DVD Issue - soooo my only issue - in Australia, the vast majority of anime is licensed/released by Madman, but for some reason their DVD's Always play up on me somehow...wheather its not playing on the dvd player at home because the supposed 2 seperate audio tracks - or sounding off pitch...(due to the same reason)

Usually if that happens i'd watch them on the other dvd player in the house ( comes in handy ;)  ) but even that one for some reason refused to play the K-on movie althogether saying the disc was unreadable/scratched (despite being a scratch-free brand new disc)  - thus i resorted to the last one - the XBOX - the worst dvd player there is... frequently pauses after the 1 hour mark...and wasn't until watching it the 2nd time on the good ol' laptop...that it actually worked normally.....phewwwwww

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9/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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