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Summer Wars

Oct 4, 2013

Sooooo heard quite a bit about this movie ;) did it live up to the hype? Bit of yes and no, great animation the whole way through no doubt, story started off great imo, but then got a bit old/cliche'd and dragged on a little bit - plus there were quite a few irrelevant parts in it - e.g. i fail to see what part the baseball tv watching scenes played in almost the entire movie, they didnt necassarily effect anything or slow anything down but was more like what is this? why is this here? haha ;)

anyway on to criteria stuff....

Story - 7/10

Started off great, but then slowed down a lot, and then kinda dragged on a bit in parts i guess -  very familty oriented story, as well as trying to have fun at times - though events that happen early on kinda put a sad damper on the rest of the movie

Animation - 10/10

Like mentioned before, great animation the whole way through no doubt, OZ, the virtual world, while staying relatively simple at times just love the colour scheme, contrasted with the real life animations as well - almost like 2 different styles in one movie ;D

Sound - 7/10

As for music....1st time watching, nothing really grabbed me, though see about that 2nd time watching as well ;) - as for eng dub - done perfectly (apparently the japanese voices wern't as good as it was originally korean???? ) - also lots of eng dub actors from FMA ;) picked Ling out as soon as he spoke ;)

Charachters - 7/10

Ehhhh now that i think about it, likeable, but not really much to remember by/nothing of note/ no charachter development i guess :0

Overall - 8/10

Overall definately an enjoyable movie, great animation, but story comes a little short, unless youre a fan of huge family get togethers, random baseball game scenes, and virtual reality ( the 3rd not being a bad thing ;) )

7/10 story
10/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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