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Hey, my name is Izzy!! My YouTube account is Isabella Foster and my Instagram is isabella_foster2700.

If you want to talk I can speak on skype, my username is isabellasuzannefoster, or you can leave a message on here and I'll respond to it as soon as I can ^^


People I know on ap:




my sister is: puppydog1000

and my boyfriend: CrazyPanda27

They really are the nicest people and if they're ever online they're great people to talk to XD


When I'm older I plan to be in a band or maybe an author... depends what I want to do with my life when I get there ^^ 

I love writing and I have a pile of books I wrote when I was little, there are some serious errors XD I watch anime as much as I can, usually in my spare time but I also cut other things out to make time for it. I was shown anime by my friend who's also on anime-planet, her username is Dearal. She introduced me to one piece and is constantly giving me reccomendations. 

Things I enjoy: YouTube, anime, music, trampolening, writing, singing, building secret hideouts and sleeping ^-^

My music is a mixture of Pop, Rock and some heavy metal XD Although I do listen to other things as well such as Billy Joel. My favourite band at the moment is Get Scared, my favourite of their songs is Screaming!! 


My favourite anime:

One Piece, Zero no Tsukaima, Sankarea, Mirai Nikki, Sword Art Online, Acchi Kocchi, Chi's Sweet Home, Clannad After Story, Corpse Party, High School DxD, Highschool of the Dead, Is this a Zombie?, The World God Only Knows, Kiss x Sis, Mayo Chiki, No Game No Life, Rosario to Vampire, Soul Eater (Not!) and Toradora

Sorry I couldn't make the list any shorter, I tried but couldn't shorten it more than 3!! XD :P



Anyone who follows me, or wants to be friends, I will be sure to follow back. I'm always looking for more people to talk to!!!



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dearal says...

Oh my god, og my god, oh my god xDThey're making an anime called Nyanbo, a cat version of the cardboard robot from Yotsubato! We must watch this when it comes out :3

Sep 26, 2016
dearal says...

Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan was the anime I was watching ealrier, if you're interested in watching

Sep 16, 2016
RickGrimes says...

"I thought when they cry was a good anime if you like horror but seeing as you prefer cute kind of anime, have you seen toradora?? One of my favourites ^^"

I havent watched When They Cry. I have heard good things about it in a bad way tho XD. It's not like i prefer cute anime, i watch nearly anytype of anime. But all my current picks(other than JoJo[OH SO MANLY XD]) are all cutsey ones, so selecting a over the top bloody mess of a anime would kind of ruin the mood, and i dont have much time for anime due to class and other activites.

And i have watched Toradora! It's one my fav romantic anime, I did not enjoy the first half of the anime tho, also the ending was really rushed. Why does Taiga immedeatly change schools?

" Also Chi sweet home.I'm crazy as in one of the weirdo's that are weird that nobody likes except I actually have friends.... suprisingly.But then again they're all as crazy as I am so fair enough"

Well....As long as you dont over obssess over anything you can still maintatin social life i guess. The weirdo's usally are too obssesive over something. I dont obsess over anything other than some movies and games...and i think its the same for you too...

" I guess XDI love sports as well but I have bad knees so I can't do too much running or things that use your leg muscles. I once collapsed while running and had crutches for 2 weeks... not fun. I prefer the games like rounders or tennis, whether I'm good at them tho is a different matter XD"

I havent played Tennis in a long time. I recently am focused on badminton. There is a championship coming soon and that too right between exams. So i'm guessing im going to fail these exams too :(. Each time i fail in exams i am devoid of my internet.

Aug 19, 2016
OddJobProdigy13 says...

Watch gurren lagann now XD lol

Aug 14, 2016
RickGrimes says...

"I like every genre, it just depends on the characters and the anime style as to whether or not I'd enjoy the anime. I struggle with creepy things like 'When They Cry' but I like to be scared sometimes... It's funny XD"

.......I havent watched When They Cry but i have heard some really bad things about it. I will stay away from it for the time being. My current anime picks are all light hearted fun. I dont want something that voilent spoil the mood.

"My list is bizarre to most people XD I would consider myself more insanely crazy than fun, most people would find that annoying so yeah... XD"

Crazy? Like crazy how? I used to be crazy in my class too but when my test results for this time i came in i stopped being crazy.

"So what sort of things do you like?? anime or hobbies, whatever you feel like sharing ^^''

Well i like sports(cycling espcially) and I watch alot of movies and TV shows(SHELOCK IS AMAZING) I also enjoy computer games. I'm playing devil may cry(reboot right now)

Aug 13, 2016