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Awe have more Syria is they're just striking infect Hillary is out there you know just the interest rate ready to get to take out to Assad the just planning for his demise they literally are it's a ride they're actually reporting in on the mainstream news they're preparing for his two mines mom whatever that means soul Safer Colon the moon he's going down series next Syrian axed and yet Russia’s get their central bank again and take all the resources and all the money you all this could mean you know what with again another thing that didn't talk now for a long time is world works great only on World War three it's going to be because it won't happen Saudi Arabia's can intercept Israeli attacks Israel is going to attack or an they're going to they're not going away they say they have the intelligence in doing this scene playbook any weapons of mass destruction we have credible evidence we know their weapons of mass destruction way below are you on where Chu at or a here where are they yeah they got rid of them by the time we got there that's what they your did on now this whole thing interestingly enough King Obama is sorted hush-hush in and mom on this whole situation with the Iran nuclear weapons he sorted that you know the white house’s taking a month stance yet.

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