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Never Complex

Dec 15, 2013

This manga seems to have four stories about relationships. The first is ‘Never Complex’. So some manga tell you a story where the two people that love each other try everything to be with each other in a world that doesn’t want them to be. And then we get ones like this where a person who loves the other is trying to push the person away at every chance. I couldn’t really understand much of the story because it felt like everything was way to complicated or went way to fast. The story should have had a little more time to it in order to develop. Sadly, it had the feeling of just being more of a porno even though they didn’t really show much in terms of detail during the sex.

The second story was called ‘Overdrive.’ The story to this one seemed much deeper then the first in how it was a forbidden romance between a student and his art teacher. Sadly, it didn’t last long as it was pretty much a tiny short between to longer stories. I felt a little ripped off. It was there, they had sex, and it ended bland.

The third was ‘Summer Vacation’. The story again was a little short but had a better pace to it. I liked it because there was a bit more depth but I’m again feel ripped off because of the fact that we have someone who has confessed to Mizuki who could of become a rather good rival for Kazuma. We also had a point where we could have had the story go on through the years that they went to the Inn that the dormitories are at.

The forth was ‘Honey Rodeo Boys’.  I have to say, this was a bit cuter then all the others even though I got the impression of broke back mountain with a better romantic plot. I love the idea that the older guy waited so long for his lover to turn of age before he actually did anything to him besides kiss him. Sadly, when I first saw Maron, I thought he was actually a girl because he had the figure and the clothing of a young girl. That might have been the only thing that bothered me about the oneshot there. The lanth for this one was perfect.

The artwork isn’t really that good, the drawings are really sketchy which would not be bad if the proportions were actually keeping intact. Sadly, characters end up being way to skinny and then turn into rather chunky looking characters. I do like the long legged characters but sadly, it just doesn’t feel like it has any real flow. They feel really stiff and I couldn’t feel life to the characters. It’s really hard to explain that type of thing but I just couldn’t get into the artwork of any of the stories.

4/10 story
4/10 art
5/10 characters
5/10 overall

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