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The story is really heavy on the drama. I’m not sure exactly weather I like it or not so I feel a bit stuck in the middle. I have never been much into Romance when it doesn’t have some type of comedy within it. I do feel rather sorry for the people within the story. The Nun who only wants to do good, a women who isn’t feeling any love from her mother or the other people around her, and a man who all his life he had seen people turn on their words.

The story seems to speak of forgiveness a lot. Forgiveness of yourself, forgiveness of others… and it seems to be sounding a bit preachy at times. It seems to push it into your face a lot and yet, it feels perfect for the story line they wrote.

The art style is actually really different then I have seen. The colored images are watercolor, so beautiful and done rather well, making them look almost real. The black and white images are heavy in tones; almost no spot was left untouched by the dark look. Hair seems a bit stiff and almost as though it’s dirty or oily on the head.

6/10 story
7/10 art
8/10 characters
5/10 overall
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Heatfan52 Jan 21, 2014

I really wish you would go into more depth in your review. Other than a couple of minor things you noticed, you didn't mention any major problems, so wouldn't a manga like this be allowed a higher score than a five out of ten? I can understand if it wasn't your "cup of tea", but you should offer more objective advice to future readers. In my mind a 5/10 rating is average. If this is really average, I will immediately scan your manga list for all the mangas you have rated higher and go off to hibernate in my room until I have read them twice or three times each and then stare off into the distance feeling fulfilled at least for the foreseeable future. Despite my issues with your review, I found it enjoyable to read. Thanks!