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Nov 10, 2013

… ya… you read the name right… this manga is literally called… ‘My Balls’… WHAT THE FUCK JAPAN? I mean really, I can understand the hard core stuff, I might be able to be ok with the tentacle thing… but really, that stuff is actually Hentai. This manga… its not listed as Hentai and in fact, it doesn’t really even show anything but blurry images or pixilated images of ‘things’. Well, since this is not under the term Hentai, it shall be reviewed as what it was named as… and boy, this is going to be a pain in the ass.

So let me get this straight, this perverted guy has had no luck with woman for his whole life and the month that he can’t have sex, every single girl wants to do him. Not only that, the girl he likes wants him, and even woman from hell want him. This turns into a large harem manga without even trying to be. The author ended up with the perfect storyline for a harem without even trying though it’s a manga I really wish I didn’t have to review. Then we have a devil that wears a cross around her neck and just keeps acting like a little girl getting into sex for the first time, a succubus that wants him to cum, and even the whole female hell armada seems to want him to do that. I’m serious, they have things from cupid to vampires trying to come at him that I’m surprised he isn’t put in prison for public indecency yet. For crying out loud, the guy ends up without his pants on for practically the whole manga including being outside and seems only once has been arrested and that was because of his boss taking him somewhere.

And you know what is the kicker about where I was reading this manga? I was reading it on Mangafox and the translators even put in the extra pages at the end where they have advertisements. Most are for sex items! I’m not joking… I HATE THIS! It’s one of the most disgusting manga’s I had to take a look at in a long time and that’s saying much because I have seen hentai.

As I said in the beginning, the artwork is nice though there are a lot of pixilated images of his mass. If you’re going to have a manga called ‘My Balls!’, at least make it a hentai and go all out! Then I would actually be able to review it by that standard and it wouldn’t be that bad. Sometimes the characters go off their profile making them look younger or older then they actually are and there are a lot of times I ended up grossed out by the artwork… more along the lines of just grossed out at the content though then the drawing style.

This manga is not for the weak at heart and younger readers. Hell, its not even for older readers. This manga is for the perverted, the sickos. I couldn’t even finish the damn manga because of how bad it was and this is coming from a girl that has reviewed some pretty bad stuff. I went through about half the series and pretty much dropped it because of how sick it was. I couldn’t handle it anymore.

1/10 story
6/10 art
1/10 characters
1/10 overall

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Kailenrulzu Apr 9, 2016

Or you both need to grow a pair, be an adult, and review it fairly. Angelsreviews needs to finish a series before making a rash judgement on it, and then give it a review without even completing. Plus your scores add up to 2.67/2.7 not 1.

apoc9 Dec 16, 2013

It is one of the most retarded stories. The plot is shamelessly designed only for one thing. Your review is correct.