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Here is my first impression of the show; Boobies, breasts, funbags, unnatural inflation, nipples, Tata’s and so on. This show just looked like Eiken right down to the amazing bouncing items the girls had on their chests that should not have fit into their extremely skimpy outfits and armor. This was one show I seriously was not interested in the slightest. It felt rather shallow even with the small character storyline they gave to them. The characters also aren’t really memorable at all, making me have to look most of them up to get their names. I mostly know them by Lena (only because they say her name so fucken often it’s not even funny), the miko and her demon, bunny girl, tiger girl, electric girl, and so on.

Lena seems to always end up wetting herself a lot in the beginning, something that makes me wish that they wouldn’t do so many close ups to her ass to show that. She is also rather dense and naive but I guess all characters are in this stupid anime. Many times, her uniform ends up being destroyed time and time again, only to be negated afterwards. I don’t know but if your armor gets broken into small pieces, it should not be fixed the evening of the battle. Also, in episode 6, something that kept going into her head is why the elves didn’t wear underwear. That was the damn theme for the whole episode. And it was bad enough she was on her own but half way threw, they forced the stupid angel Nanael to follow her around. This angel is as bad as Navi from Legend of Zelda.

Um, some of their attacks seem really stupid. For example, bunny girl shoots acid from her breasts. Somehow, Lena stops her from using it and makes her breasts… inflate…. And explode…. Um… ya… This is much like the Master of Martial Heart in that the plot is rather shallow and has no real reason for being. It’s all about how much fighting and clothing being taken off can we fit into a 30 minute episode so that we can cater to the male crowd. Actually, thinking about it, this is like Eiken and Master of Martial Hearts had a damn baby. When I say the plot is shallow, I mean the reasons for fighting feel rather bland and we barely get any back story for just how the characters have become part of this fight. We get the reason they want to be, but not the how they get into it. For all I know, any woman is able to get into the tournament as long as they wear skimpy outfits, oh, and are lesbians. It seems every woman in here is a lesbian.

As we got to the end of the show, they did get into a couple deep ideas of why the women were fighting in the queen’s blade but by this time, I was so annoyed at the whole show that I just couldn’t give two cares about why it was they were fighting. If they started out with a reason why each character was fighting that was actually pretty reasonable from the start, then maybe it would have been more interesting… and if they didn’t keep zooming in on the characters breasts and ass all the damn time. I would have also liked a more likeable main character besides Lena. I’m pretty much already guessing Lena is going to win the damn thing but in order to know any of this… I sadly would have to go through at least two more seasons of this. At this point I don’t want to. It just feels stupid.

The artwork is a little… erotic… I guess. I don’t see it as that but seriously, who thought that it would be a good idea to dress in… in THOSE OUTFITS! And while in a FIGHTING tournament! The dub didn’t match the lip sink sometimes and though the animation was rather pretty and fluid, it really was masked with how much naked fighting went on. I ended up just staring at the screen bored at what I was seeing after the second episode. If you saw one fight, you somewhat see them all. All women look so much younger then they should with large bright eyes that would look better on Moe characters then hard core fighters and plump lip gloss lips. There are pretty much no men anywhere except the darn background characters. They don’t do much and you really don’t see them except as slight blurs but I would think they would be smarter then the stupid women in the main character spot. The ending is just naked images of characters in the series without any real animation about them. The only one that actually is a boy looks like a girl instead (Of course, his mother probably has the largest boobs in this mess).

English voices and sound are a bit ok, though do tend to be annoying the more I listen to them. Lots of them have really high toned voices that don’t fit the characters bodies or are just in general bitchy whiny things. I think Nanael’s is the worse. She sounds really whinny and I can’t even get used to her voice. It’s one of the reasons why it took so long to even finish this stupid show because I couldn’t deal with her at all.

4/10 story
5/10 animation
3/10 sound
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
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