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Baby Love

Well, this is pretty normal style of romance storyline. Two kids fall in love when they were little and promise to get married if one of them holds up to what the other tells them. Seara is a rather energetic girl who somewhat annoys me and somewhat intrigues me the length she will go to in order to get who she has loved for a long time. Sadly, she also feels like she is mostly just a stereo type along with every other childhood love interest. There really isn’t something that makes her stand out among the rest of the group and I think that maybe why there was only one episode made of this. It just feels bland. Many times it falls dangerously into the school life genre with Seara’s character hiding among the high schoolers to a point where I wonder why the parents haven’t been called to ask where their daughter is since she isn’t in her elementary school.

Shuhei on the other hand is a clueless idiot who needs to pull his head out of his butt and see what’s going on. She shows him multiple times that she likes him but he seems to wave it off.

The artwork is slightly flawed in that characters seem way too tall and their faces are too stretched out. Lots of times the chin seems really big or that the mouth has pushed up to far. I can understand a high school student looking like a collage student because my brother was rather tall for his age but the elementary girl looking like a high schooler would only happen if she had steroids pumped into her. Not to mention all those around her are actually rather short or look much more like what I would see as a elementary kid. It is rather rare to see this happen so I call BS on that. Still, I got to hand it to the animators that this was done around the time they still did hand cell animations so they did a rather nice job for the time. Lines are normally really crisp and eyes seem to sparkle rather well though they don’t seem as ‘glossy’ as other shows around that time. You can slightly tell this was still made on a medium budget or a high low budget. They did this little thing on one of the scenes where they tried to put a real picture into the mix with just a little airbrushing to it for a background but it doesn’t work at all for how simple the characters are drawn and the shadows that are shown. The characters seem like they are floating because they have no shadow at all on the ground when everything around them does.

The voices are alright and since this isn’t really dubbed, I really have no basic to talk about that. I can see each voice with each character and nothing really stands out much in my mind at being exceptional or lousy. I do think the friends of Shuhei should have a little more diologe but this is what I get for a OVA that’s only one episode. Rai on the other hand sounds like a pervert when he is talking about how cute Seara is. It’s slightly gay to me in a way because he gets really damn excited about an elementary school kid.

5/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
5/10 overall
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