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Gong Bao Chicken

21 AUG

Ok… I kind of went ‘WHAT?’ to this manga. The storyline is really short and it was interesting to find an almost completely wordless manga out there. It sort of showed the storyline rather well and made a bit sense but the ending was really feeling like I had missed something to the story. I read it two times (it was really short so it didn’t bother me none to do that) and I still can’t figure out why it’s called Gong Bao Chicken except for a small comment.

The artwork is well detailed but the lines are really thin so sometimes things blend in with each other a little too much. They don’t seem to show up rather well but I guess since this is the dream world, it is supposed to be unclear. It is very bishonen with the man looking a lot like a woman. It’s a good one for those that only care about artwork instead of the words or just want to see a manga with not very many words.

I enjoyed the manga even though it had faults in rather small areas. The over all one was a rather interesting experience.

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User Review Scores

  • Story 6/10
  • Art 7/10
  • Characters 5/10
  • Overall 7/10


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