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Aug 6, 2013

This is the most hilarious show I have watched in a long time! Hare is really cute and I really feel sorry for him when Guu screws his life. Their personalities clash really well. Hare’s personality is a whiny little child who is always having to watch out for others and has a good grasp on reality even though he plays lots of video games. Guu… well… she lives to torture him psychologically and physically and pretty much screw with his whole life turning it upside down. Ya… that’s pretty much her soul purpose in this world and does amazingly well at that. Through the whole show, Hare is eaten by Guu(then spat back out), has his friends eaten (most get spat back out), had his village elder mortified when Guu steals his chest hair, and sees other random objects be put into Guu’s mouth and then spit out with no sign that they ever was in her mouth to begin with all with in a course of the first 4 episodes… If you think that is bad, you should see all the other things that happen throughout the rest of the season.

The whole thing gets even more crazy the farther along it goes with parodies from some Anime and true life happenings. It’s like the Alice down the rabbit hole symptom. The more and more you go, the more surreal it gets.

The animation feels odd and everyone has ‘chibi blush circles’ on their cheeks. It feels odd because most of the time, they look like shiny patches on their cheeks. Everything has a ‘runny egg’ feel to it, where characters squash and stretch in really odd areas, and their faces move in odd ways.

The English dub feels far better than the Japanese to me, Jennifer Sekiguchi (ha…. She has Guu in her last name… sorry, bad joke) captures Guu’s wonderful monotone that gives her an ‘I really don’t care what happens as long as I make your life a wreck’ attitude, and Alex Simon has a pretty good cute kid voice for Hare. I feel it’s somewhat ironic that Wendee Lee actually is the voice actor for Weda, Hare’s mother; though she does a perfect job making sure her voice doesn’t get to sweet since that’s not fully her character, unlike Kaoru Morota’s teenage high pitch whine (that’s just her character voice).

6/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
5/10 overall
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