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This is a beautiful piece of art, storyline, and voice acting. Haruhi is calm, cool, collected; smart, and sometimes so much so that she seems almost dull at times when the host club is at their most crazy. She almost seems like she wouldn’t be the center of a reverse harem (those not understanding this, its when there are a group of guys for one girl instead of a bunch of girls for the guy… easy enough to get, right?) and pretty much not the type to be swooning over the boys. Well, your pretty much right but that’s what makes Ouran High pop out more then any other that came before.

As for the men, well they are as shallow and van as rich, handsome boys can be with a whole matter of stereotypes. A fun thing with this is that they don’t really have every single male going after her, luckily, its more of the ones closer to her age and three get touched on while the forth really hides in the bushes to make way for the other. Yes, I am talking about Tamaki, Kyouya, and the Hitachiin twins Hikaru and Kaoru.

Let’s touch the first three and then I will get down to my favorite and most logical choice after. Hikaru is the most headstrong of the bunch, the prankster and pretty much the one that gets Kaoru into trouble every once in a while. Kaoru is the one that’s more… well kind in all aspects. When he’s not with his brother, he seems sweet and good natured which might be why most of the girls swoon over the two when they go into their whole boy love thing… among other things… Kaoru always steps back and pushes Hikaru to go after Haruhi so that his brother can find love even though he does make it somewhat clear that he wants a bit of the action as well.

Kyouya is the brains and mostly profiteer of the host club, looking for the money instead of having the girls have fun, although he is able to pull a fast one when it comes to getting what he wants out of pretty much anyone around him, including Tamaki. Yes, the relationship between Kyouya and Tamaki every once in a while does tend to swing in the ‘we are hot for each other’ way, not that the author isn’t quick to pick up on this fact and uses it to its advantage. There is a good reason why Kyouya is called ‘Mother’ in the host club although if it was for sexual reasons, he would probably be top. Nope, the reason is that I can tell that if he was a woman, he would be one of those girls that will flaunt it just to get anything out of someone.

And last but not least, my all time favorite, Tamaki. Yes, he is an airhead… yes, he is quite clueless… yes, I know he sees himself as a father for Haruhi… uggg… now that freaked me out. No, I will not bring up that joke, he actually figures it out later why it’s strange for him to be calling himself that but no, the reason why I like him to be with Haruhi is simple and it’s one reason on top of many. It’s because he is just like her Father. I know that is crazy but think of it this way, she knows how to take care of someone like that, she knows he has a good heart under all that blond hair, and she knows how pure his intentions were form the start. From the vary start, The Hitachiins would tease her and sometimes even go beyond to harass her, Kyouya really was mostly in it for the money, it seems that the only reason why Tamaki put his heart in soul into making her come with them was mostly, because he liked spending time with her and no matter if he tried to make her into a fully fledged girl, he in the end always went about saying that she needed to be true to herself. (If you can’t tell, I can get into a lot of detail when it’s an anime I really freaken enjoy!)

Now, on to technical merits. The artwork is so beautiful and bright that when they start going comedy, they seem to lost a lot of detail and turn somewhat chibi-fide creatures. And yet, to me it works. I am happy most of the story line doesn’t focus on all the customers that come in, letting the characters shine in their stereotypical designs although… how the hell is Hunny a martial artist? Ya, he looks nothing like it and the blond hair kind of pushes me off there as well. When the story starts to get dark is when most of the details start shining in a aposing danger is on its way, and the shadows mix well in to the details, making them stand out much more. Thoughout the show, there are a lot of roses and I do wish they wouldn’t have so many. Ok… so we know the rose is a symbol of love… we get it… you don’t have to flaunt it every freaken second that they are there for love.

The voice acting is also well done for both Dub and Sub. They pulled out all the stops with Caitlin Glass having solid voice acting next to Maaya Sakamoto for Haruhi. They both gave her more of a cool hearted not caring attitude that made up her character. Even better when she was playing against Vic Mignogna’s rather overly fun character Tamaki. At first, I could not get away from how he sounded just like Edward from Fullmedal Achimest but I can see how the characters fit perfectly. Tamaki has the same style freak outs as Ed whenever someone calls him on something stupid he did or said that I couldn’t help from smile.

Other Characters got voices like J. Michael Tatum as Kyouya, Todd Haberkorn and Greg Ayres did a unbelievable job keeping the harmony between Kaoru and Hikaru even when the two were speaking ‘with one voice’ as it was. They used Luci Christian as Honey and it worked rather well, pretty much perfectly for the cuteness, Monica Rial as the over Otaku girl Renge, and I could not stop laughing at Patrick Seitz’s depiction of Umehito Nekozawa.

10/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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