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Pumpkin Scissors

Aug 6, 2013

The storyline was pretty cool, and is mostly a conspiracy theory in itself. It’s about secrets within the military that during peaceful times come to hunt the people of the world they live in. It’s pretty much about what happens after the war and what we normally don’t see living in the United States since we haven’t had a battle happen on our land in such a long time. It can open the eyes on just how senseless some people can get and how crazy war veterans can be without medical help after being trained to be killers. It also cautions against genetic manipulation of people to become what we call super soldiers because they can turn against us or have no reason for being after the war. The show starts out pretty light hearted and then gets darker but still keeps its comedy throughout. There are some fillers, but nothing to big.

The characters are fun and enjoyable, even the ones that only have a small role to play. I love Randel’s character and all the small jokes they do about his size. And I mean they play on everything, even a couple fun pieces in the hospital ward. I’m still not sure why he sleeps under a bridge though. The Lieutenant is crazy, I don’t know exactly where she came from but she is really off. Her sense of justice is really creepy and doesn’t really go exactly her way most of the time. Can’t anyone tell her to calm down? There is not much too actually talk about with the others because they are more or less comedy.

The artwork is rather nice. It’s not to out of date or odd looking which makes it feel really cool. The only real time it bugs me is when the lantern is opened and things go off into that blue glow. Sometimes the glow is not that bright and sometimes it’s so bright that it covers the character. The opening is rather simple but just doesn’t feel like it fits exactly. There are things within it that are not talked about in the show and made me a little confused. The ending is a simple run animation with a dog almost like Wolf’s Rain.

The music is pretty good; the ending actually is fun loving and cool. I would listen to that one mostly for the fun of it though I don’t know if it stands alone at the end. I actually didn’t want to watch the Japanese dub because the English dub was actually really good. The only problem I had was some side characters that seemed to have strange accents though it didn’t actually say where they were from.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall

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