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Aug 6, 2013

This show is mostly one of the funniest shows that I seen. Alright, so the characters are really out there but what I think is the crazy thing is, the one person that is seen as ‘normal’ is the main character, Naota. Unfortunately, I think he’s a little two bland of a character at least in the beginning. He always says nothing ever happens in the small town he lives in but yet, all around him, strange things that aren’t normal are happening. It makes me want to slap him upside the head! Of course, if I did, then something else may come out of his head then.

Haruko is a pretty cool character and as you keep watching, you find that she isn’t just a comedy piece. She actually seems to be rather smart and has some good info. As Naota and her get closer together, I feel that she helps him to except becoming an adult but yet still being a child.

Mamimi, I think, is an adult that never grew up. She seems to not be all there and in turn, it does make her a bit creepy to me. I don’t really see what Naota sees in her and even at one point; he seemed to be forcing himself to actually like her. I think she was just a substitute for his brother.

The artwork is really out of control, sometimes shown with a runny eggs look and other times almost normal (if you can say anything about this show is normal.) Now someone was a good boy and actually paid attention to their camera angles, sometimes it’s just a simple flip of where they are sitting and sometimes it’s just the angle in the battle scenes. Another little piece that’s interesting is that they used sort of a manga panel style once in a while. It shows off a bit of different styles from super realistic to runny eggs to even American pop culture like South Park.

When we go into the thought of English Dub or Sub, Dub I think is the way to go. The voices match the Japanese dub pretty well and they do keep the real intention of the show. Of course, they do change a couple little things but most of them were actually cultural differences and not much else. The music is wonderful and the pillows seem like the perfect band for this show. They are somewhat out of control and crazy but also has a controlled feel.

10/10 story
5/10 animation
9/10 sound
6/10 characters
9/10 overall

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