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Yumekui Merry

Aug 6, 2013

Well, this is I guess a bit like Soul Eater in that there are children in charge of fighting; also the fact that the characters seem rather Moe then frightening, especially Merry who acts much like a child. She whines and cries like a little brat. These characters, normally, I can’t stand but this one didn’t seem as bad. The differences between the human world and the dream world does blur a bit and only looks strange when something odd pops up like a floating fish skeleton. I’m not sure why Merry wants to go back when she seems to be having a wonderful time in the human world. Another strange thing is that right after Merry comes into Yumeji’s life, he actually wants to have the bad dreams to find out things about her. What is up with the name John Doe for an actual villain’s name? It just really feels too generic for one. Lots of the names from the dream world seem like they were just grasping at straws to get a name.

The show actually does a 180 near the end; it rather threw me off a bit. It was like they thought the show was going way to slow (and it actually was for a 13 episode show) and speed up the ending so fast that I had no clue which way to look. Not only that, but they added a really strange enemy that really seemed out of place. I have heard that the enemy in this show was actually not in the manga. If that was true, then what was the point of having a character that wasn’t flushed out like that? It just didn’t play out how I thought it would; it could have been nice if it wasn’t for the fact that the ending didn’t fell like an ending at all. It was like a middle of a series or even the end of a season. I really feel that the show should have been longer and more fleshed out rather then the crap ending they did give us.

The art style is rather nice and yet, the design of most of the characters seems generic. I’m pretty sure I have seen Yumeji somewhere else before or at least the design of him. Most of his friends in the real world are also rather generic and boring. Simple Moe characters with no real way of standing out. At least Merry stands out with out strange her outfit is and her eyes. Merry’s eyes are actually interesting, very reptile-like or frog-ish. Other then that, she looks much like Karin from Vampire Chibi Karin and an elf had a child, she even has fangs. Most of the character designs for the dream demons actually seem like they came from the new game coming out called ‘Skull Girls.’ It’s a good thing since this is a fighting show, and I would be happy if this became an actual fighting game.

I don’t get when they give us some clips that look as though they were just made as roughs for the manga. It just takes the fluid part of the art and throws it at a wall. It does build suspense I guess but I know other ways they could do so.

I only watched the Dubbed version for the voices and could not find the sub version. The cats feel way too cartoony and yet one cat’s voice is to macho… I would have thought he would have a squeaky voice like Mickey Mouse. Merry’s voice actually feels pretty good to her character as well as John Does, where as Yumeji’s voice again, like his artwork, is pretty generic. One thing that bothered me was that she had this quote that she seemed to say just to add something for the moving mouth.

The music is actually pretty nice for a fighting show and I kind of fell in love with the opening music. The scores for the back ground don’t really stand out much but yet when they are needed, they seem to shine through and set the mood for it.

8/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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