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Aug 6, 2013

This sort of feels like a mix between Shin-chan and Chi’s Sweet Home. It’s cute and talks of a cute little hamster’s life and how her owner is to her. In fact, the very first episode shows exactly how her master is… a useless bum. All this women seems to do is whine about her boyfriend and have sex with him. Yes, this shows them having sex a lot. The owner’s boyfriend seems useless to me. I don’t know why the owner hangs around him at all. The owner isn’t really that good herself.

Now that I have talked about all the bad things about the story, I have to say, this feels pretty realistic and I actually like it to a point. They have there bad sides, but you can actually feel for the characters even though I still don’t understand why the owner keeps smashing Ebichu into the wall and making her bleed. I think if the little hamster was real, it would have been dead by now.

The artwork reminds me a lot of Shin-chan and it’s really hard to actually watch because of this. The artwork just makes me feel sick with moving colors that don’t even fill in the lines. It’s like a child drew it. Whenever you look at the front of the hamster, the tail sometimes makes it look like Ebichu has a male part and even has the normal little black dot to show a butt hole. It could have been placed behind her and not looked that bad. Ebichu also looks a lot like Hamtaro which messes me up since Hamtaro is a little kids show.

A lot of the script is made for Japanese so I can understand why they haven’t dubbed it yet. The first episode has Ebichu playing a word game and I guess the words for Chestnuts and Squirrels in Japanese is the same for a women’s… well… down below. The music is alright, nothing to put on a ipod though. It just doesn’t stick out well.

5/10 story
4/10 animation
4/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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