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First off, if you are looking for something that is just like the games, then stay far away from this show. It is made for children and that’s how it should really stay in my mind. Another thing is that it pretty much gives you a middle finger when you want to know more of the ending because the manga that takes place after this isn’t translated for Americans. I seriously don’t know why they would dub this (except for maybe the big boom of video game selling, and yet, this has nothing to do with them.)

A lot of the stuff that should be explained is never explained so I feel really left out, not a great way to try and get me to watch. I actually don’t feel I could finish this show at all. Nothing is explained; some things are implied but leave you wondering what the fuck was going on. In the end, I lost interest half way threw because of this and the fact that Kaze’s summoning takes so freaken long. I mean, do we really need a 10 minute summoning in a half hour show? Its worse then Sailor Moon’s transformations each and every episode. I just about fell asleep to it! It pretty much consists of him flipping a bullet as he talks about what color it is and what it symbolizes, it going into the gun where it pretty much shows as a CG version, and then he does it 2 more fucken times… give me a break! How come it has to happen that long?

It pretty much seems to take up all of the show just for him to summon one monster. It was supposed to be 50 episodes long but got cut down to pretty much fucken half, so makes me not want to watch it even more.

The animation is BAD! Really, the runny egg look of everything and the way they move is so bad. The design of things looks like a freaken acid trip and the CG feels much out of place in a lot of the scenes. What can I say? Gonzo messed another one up again. I mean, go look at it if you really care about the animation because I don’t know how else to explain how bad they messed up.

The voices are really bad, most of them full of monotones that show no really feeling. Kaze rarely speaks and even his counterpart seems a real downer. I really wish he would talk a little more. At least explain something!

Now here’s a part where I’m going to speculate something about Kaze and his rival that I probably will never know if it’s real or not. Kaze might be the reincarnation of Bahamut and his rival is the reincarnation of Mist Dragon from the fight in the beginning of the show… There, I said my bit, and I probably will never know the truth now because the stupid show is bland and the part with all the answers has not come out in English.

4/10 story
3/10 animation
2/10 sound
2/10 characters
4/10 overall
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