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Oh dear god! What the hell are their breasts made of for them to jiggle like that!?!? I’m not kidding, this is my first thoughts. This is one big jiggles and ass horror flick. It’s dark look and feel brings out the really creepy vibe that all dark horror shows should have but then the breasts and almost hentai scenes feel as though its just comical. That added onto the hentai like scenes is the language where everyone is yelling fuck you and shit every other word.

It surprises me that the students are so good at figuring out how to stay alive with most of them not really knowing how to survive basic outdoor stuff. Most of the personalities are really odd, rather one sided almost though they do show that they have more in depth personalities but that happens later on in the series sort of. There are times that I just wanted a person to get bitten. For instance, Koichi Shido who is pretty much scum of the earth. I hated him when he first kicked a student back to the zombies after he had sprained his ankle. I really couldn’t stand him at all.

Other characters feel just like they are fan surface, like the little Lolita, nurse, or the nerdy pink haired girl. They don’t really seem to have much of a point though at least the nerdy girl is smarter then the nurse. I’m not sure why but in almost all shows like this, the teachers and adults are the stupidest people in it and it’s the students that are smarter. They know exactly what to do and though it might be because they watch the zombie shows, I don’t think they would really know how to aim a gun and actually fire it without a bit of training.

This definitely has the feel of a harem in that the main character ends up with each girl in different situations. The girls all fall in love with him but I actually couldn’t blame the girls for this since I feel it’s more of the bad boy love interest. Each girl has their times they brake down during the fight and so each time, they have the main character to lean on.

Now, the story seems to have a rather deep storyline to it even for how crazy and out of control it is. The idea of who the characters were and what they are now comes up a couple times, mostly near the ending of the show.

Question, why do we even need a filler episode looking back on only three episodes? We have one happening at episode 4 and it doesn’t explain anything more then what we already know. I’m glad they added more to it, but still, we don’t need all of this after the first 3 episodes.

The artwork jumps around a lot, showing beautiful fight scenes, rather pretty sexualized ones, and beautiful drama though then we get ‘jiggle fest’ right after breaking the mood of the show and making it almost comical. I give props that they did the pretty artwork but they lose points for having breasts that look like jell-o. I am a girl with a rather nice rack, and I have shot a gun before (At targets of course) and my breasts have never, and I mean NEVER, jiggled how badly they do for the girls in this show.

The music is pretty good in the opening, though it sounds a bit too sweet for the type of stuff that is going on in this anime. It throws me off a little. The chanting music actually sounds perfect during the times that it has a gentle reflective nature to them. The English voices of the characters sound like they are from a really bad horror flick that revolves around bad language. It works though for this show. It has so much gore and fan service that it just feels right for how stupid it looks. Other then the very loaded script, The voices actually fit the mood of the characters.

By the way, this doesn’t actually end. The show leaves a open ending to the show that I wish it had a second season. I hate the read the Manga storytelling.

8/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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