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I like it, it’s so cute! The stories all have a fairy tale to go with the story. It has the story of little red and the tortoise and the hare. All of the stories are pretty twisted tales and rather creative. There is sadly a couple that I’m not sure where they came from, though they still hold the fairy tale style.

I do have a small bone to pick. Barely any of the episodes have anything to do with the main story plot, bringing more of the story by week feel to the show. It makes me a little sad that we don’t get much of the story line. What it is replaced with though is us learning more about the characters so it doesn’t feel much like filler. Things only really pick up at around episode 10 but by then, it was pretty much over with. It gets rather serious then, and actually rather romantic. Sadly, it doesn’t stay for two long.

Ryoshi Morino is a really sweet and shy guy, though who needs to just toughen up a little. It would be easier if he did. Otherwise, I think it works out rather nicely. He is strong when he actually puts his mind to it as seen in episode 2. He does become sort of other people’s punching bags at times to though which doesn’t help make his character any easier to read.

Ryoko is really interesting with these dual personalities she shows. They show up really early which is surprising. I would have thought that it would of happened way later. Not that I am really complaining. It just made the character a bit easier to actually feel more for her.

Akai is another interesting character, always smiling but ends up pushing Ryoko into a lot of different things including dates. She is like a little terror but is a true friend to her in every way, even taking care of her by cooking and cleaning.

The animation is pretty nicely done, only one or two flaws but nothing that serious. There are times where characters end up looking a bit rough and runny egg like. The story artwork does jump around just a tad and it’s a little hard to sometimes understand. They did pretty well with how the designed the characters, making them fit the role they were supposed to fit almost perfectly.

The English voices are pretty nice and I love the comedy that the narrator brings up every once in a while. She actually becomes part of the story in herself with the antics. I am talking about her in the voices because that’s all we hear of her. The old women voice is perfect for the fairy tail feel… a twisted fairy tail style! Most of the other characters work rather nice. The music is very good, capturing the feeling of some scenes.

Just to let you know, you should keep watching all the way threw the credits on most of them because they have little extra things happening.

10/10 story
7/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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