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You know, you would think to this point that I would be desensitized at how much fan service the animators put into these shows but I end up feeling still grossed out to how much they do place. You don’t need a breast and tant shot every five seconds for it to catch someone’s attention, nor do you need female characters that are stressed that they may be more then just friends. The forcefulness of the girls being friends makes me feel a bit unwell and makes the script that much harder to listen to (Before anyone asks, I did watch the English version). Every character in this show seems ether perverted or a mental case.

The first girl they meet in this fighting match is a woman named Miko… a priestess… I shit you not, that’s her damn name. For those of you who don’t know Japanese, Miko is the name of a Japanese priestess. The word means pristest so therefore… SHE DOESN’T HAVE A NAME! Not only that, but she is in the fight because of a rather stupid wish, not that wanting to make friends is stupid… just fighting people in order to get a jewel that will grant that wish just so you can have a friend is stupid. She ends up making friends anyway with Aya and Natsume anyway even though she doesn’t get the jewel so what the hell is the reason she needs it?

So I got a question for you, when you fight someone, do you start kicking when you are about a foot away from the other person or do you kick when you are farther away? Well in the first episode, Aya actually kicks when she isn’t even close to her enemy and then stands in the way while she’s getting attacked. I don’t think the fighting animation works like that. A lot of the fighting looks half assed or done with a lot of speed lines and cheesy backgrounds. Another small thing about the battles I should mention, HOW ARE THEY SECRET? Half the time, they destroy everything around them anyway so how can they even think that that would be a secret?

And they didn’t have to place all of the little love problems Aya has in there as well. She is always giving the love lust eyes at Natsume’s brother even though she thinks she knows a dark secret. We feel nothing for this little love problem because we get no idea of who this boy is. We don’t even get a chance to feel for Aya herself so what makes the writers think we would have time to feel for the brother?

The ending really doesn’t work right. The ending is so demented that it just doesn’t feel right. It’s like they pulled it out of their butt because they had no other idea how to end the series.

The art is well… up to par with most hentai I think, and it really should be hentai for how much bare boob and pantie-d taint they show in it. I also wish they would pick a size for the breasts too, Aya seems to gain and lose boob mass whenever the artists seem fit. And what is the obsession with clothing being the look of wet paper towels getting ripped from a person’s body? I know I am a girl but I do know what is sexy and what isn’t on a women and this… this really isn’t. That and the strange breast transformation from large to tiny in two shots. Many bits are just looped and it’s rather bad. I would not watch this for the animation at all. The eating animation they have in the beginning of the series actually is very unattractive and makes me wonder what women in their right mind would even eat like how Miko was doing.

The opening it actually pretty good though the girl screaming in some parts makes me cring. I actually liked the upbeat way they did the song and it does show this will be a rather action packed show. The script for English is rather bad, and though it does ‘sort of’ get better, it still feels like it could have been done much better, it would have at least added something to this little piece of… um… ya. The script starts out stupid and pretty much remains that way throughout. The tone of the voices are better then the script but again, not much. Natsume comes off sounding like a whinny school child and Aya doesn’t sound much better when she gets down to the actual thinking.

They had an ok idea for a show, but in the end, they really massed it up with the script and the artwork.

4/10 story
2/10 animation
2/10 sound
1/10 characters
3/10 overall
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