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Aug 6, 2013

Well, this little magical girl show is pretty much standard in many ways. It’s not that it’s bad, mind you, but the story feels like it was told before in other shows. A young girl is trusted with the power to save the world and only has to let pretty young men inside her… um, not that way.

The whole thought of ‘pretear’ing seems to stem around the thought that she and one of the leafe knights becoming one and sharing the power that leafe knight controls. You can consider it sexual except when you have three of the leafe knights as preteens and toddlers, it gives you a unsettling feeling. Each episode feels rather like a slice of life rather then a magical girl show because the only fighting that really happens is at the end of the shows and the rest is placed for talks of the heart.

When we get down to the characters, again, they are pretty standard. Himeno is a normal girl who has problems with family. She’s clumsy, whiny, and yet overly cheerful most of the time. Something that really annoys me about her is that it only takes her a couple minutes to get right back to being the out of control energetic girls.

Hayate is an asshole that blames himself for what happen to the first pretear. Sasame is the more gentle and playboyish who understands peoples feelings. Kei is kind of a narcissist. Go is… there isn’t much to say on him or Mannen, Hajime, and Shin. They just, well, are. We get barely any story about them and besides Hayate and Saseme, they only stand there to have more then two characters for the main character to pre with. When looking up the characters on the Wiki to get a little more of the backstory, besides Shin, Hayate, and Sasame, the others had only 4 lines or less explaining the characters and two were mostly filled up with who played the voices for them. Even Himeno’s narration was a bit short, there was pretty much nothing for any of them to go on.

The Animation is actually alright, mostly perfect with only a few hiccups once in a while. The transformations though should not be as long as they are every single time although they are shorter then most. The boys of course look rather pretty, and all the girls are rather cute to beautiful. This is basic for magical girl shows and have a bishonen look about them. Perfect for women who love that style, though men might find it annoying to see long lashed men.

The music is pretty much standard lovely sweet music that feels a bit like Sailor Moon music. Some feel wonderful, but other times, it just throws me out of the show a little. The English voices… leave much to be desired, at least for the women. They are rather high pitched and feel forced. The men sound better and I can only wish to hear Illich Guardiola do more stuff. For your information, he played Hayate. Chris Patton does the perfect voice for Sasame in that his voice is rather sexy!

9/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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