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Samurai Champloo

Well hey all gangsta’s!…. that was completely and utterly messed up. I will try not to do that again. But anyway, I actually loved the mixture of Edo style imagery and the hip hop rap even though a bunch of people would probably say it doesn’t fit. Unfortunately, some of the characters don’t work for me since they seem very out of place. Characters that start raping out of nowhere and those that start talking like gansta’s sometimes make me want to bang my head into the wall. It may fit really damn well with the show but I still want to smack my head into the wall. I did like the main characters though… some a lot more then others.

Mugen was actually my favorite character. He was pretty bad ass and could take down almost any foe that stood against him. His style of fighting isn’t the normal samurai style but more of just a way of living. To a samurai, the sword is something to live and die with, so he does have a little of the samurai spirit but a samurai also has honor and tact for the most part. He has none of that. He will do as he pleases without any regard to those around him, even starting fights just for the sake of showing how bad ass he is. He loves the spotlight and sometimes I can picture him similar to Black Star from Soul Eater where he would yell out ‘I’ll kill you’ even if he’s supposed to sneak up on them. That personality I would consider childish in some cases but in this, I actually see reasoning behind it. He want’s to be the best he can be and to fight someone when their back is turned may be a disgrace for what little honor he has.

On the other hand, Jin has much more class to him as a samurai. He was trained professionally and you can see that when the two fight. The styles actually look extremely different as Jin has more of a stiffer pose to him. His background is a pretty tragic one but seems much more common in samurai movies then Mugen’s story line. I can see where Mugen and Jin get onto each other’s nerves. It does make for a very interesting story line when the two need to work together to get out of a bad situation. Most of the time its purely luck based.

The last main character is sadly the one I like the least. Fuu is a bit, well, I don’t exactly understand why she’s there in the first place. She’s childish, annoying, and whines a hell of a lot. She gets kidnapped almost every single time by the guys that just want to rip Jin’s and Mugen’s heads off. Only a couple times she actually has some marret to the story as she’s most likely the person who can trust others. She is the reason the other two are stuck together but her reason for going on this journey, namely finding a samurai smelling of sunflowers, really has no real fruit to it. You would understand once you watch the ending.

The animation is rather good, though sometimes can be a little… bla. Manglobe has a thing where they will have really good animation for most of the anime but in some parts, it lacks the beauty the other scenes have. Characters sometimes feel like they are also way to detailed as if the artist was trying to make the show look extremely detailed but it makes the characters look off when it doesn’t happen all the time.

The English voices are actually really well done and I think that’s partly because of the rap and pop culture references. Jin is silent and Mugen is a badass gangster. The voices work so well that I have to say its one of the best I’ve seen in a while. Even Fuu who is pretty annoying actually has an ok voice. I give the main music props for being one of the most memorable to me. I can’t not think about that fun style of music.

7/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
10/10 overall
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ZKMsphere says...

Hey angelsreviews,I was thinking of watching Samurai Champloo but a friend of mine said that there are references to rape in it.I'm sensitive towards rape and I hate it so if there is I'll not watch it. So my question is whether is there any rape in it,thanks :D

Sep 12, 2013