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Jul 24, 2013

Um, wow. This is um… something a little different then what I have ever seen before. I give the show props for an idea, but an extremely lousy way of making that idea bare fruit. The story feels shallow, the execution is bland, the English voices are a mess, the animation is just standard fan fair. I would of loved if they got into the physiological aspects of a man turning into a women a bit, but they don’t. They just pussyfoot around like it’s a teenage drama. I know it is one but with a concept this interesting, I wish it could have been better done.

Hazumu really freaken sounds and acts like a girl! It doesn’t seem like there is any freaken difference to him being male or female. I do think its somewhat Ironic that when he first sees the ‘star’ coming straight at him, he wishes to be manlier and yet he was turned into a woman. And then after he’s a woman, he accepts it rather fast to the point of saying that nothing really changed. (Kurai: “WHAT THE FUCK!? How can he act like nothing changed at all! When you turn me, I freaken hate it!”) All the characters act really stupid and it’s hard for me to even feel for any of them at all. His parents are the worst to because they just are way to excitable. (Akuma: “Excitable? Her Dad a big fat pervert!” Angel: “Alright, ya, I’m trying to make things better then they are.” ) They look at her as if nothing happened at all and start treating him like a girl the day she gets back home. Everyone around her acts as though she should know exactly how to be a women when she doesn’t know the first thing about it. It pisses me off slightly in that aspect because none of the characters seem to think how she feels. If we really get right down to it, it wouldn’t make any difference weather she turned into a girl on her own with a operation or with space aliens. In fact, it would be better if it was a operation then alien because then it would be more believable.

Tomari was doing nothing for him when he was a guy it seems, and treated him like a child that needed protection all the time. It makes me wonder if she is the one that’s the reason that he never became a manlier guy. The whole second episode was pretty much Tomari saying don’t do this, don’t do that and don’t act like a man but she does it rather harshly. We do get into the physiological aspects of her dealing with a friend that changed into a guy but it sometimes feels bland.

Yasuna on the other hand is awkward. It’s almost like she can’t see any men at all and only a hazy look to them when she can. I’m not sure what the hell they did that for because they could of just as easy say she was into girls instead and it would be so much better. It would of actually been closer to a real life story.

This is more of the story that centers around everyone around Hazumu rather then Hazumu herself. We only learn about everyone else and their feelings, and only a little bit of Hazumu’s thoughts and feelings in the first part. When we do learn about Hazumu’s feelings, it feels a bit to late, as we have to go through a lot of crap to get there. Sadly, every single character falls for Hazumu, which makes the damn thing a harem anime.

I have problems when Aliens look exactly like the humans without much difference to them. I also have big problems with the fact that the aliens crash into him, turn him into a woman, and then just leave him to the world. They pretty much do nothing to help him. And when they do show up, they just make things even worse for her. She ends up having a ‘clone’ of herself. (Akuma: “That’s a clone? She doesn’t look like her at all for crying out loud! We look closer then they do and we are just twins!”) Yes… clone… with light pink hair that will not stop hanging on her.

The animation is really based for the fan service. We have a lot of naked shots of girls changing and just doing random stuff. It’s pretty standard and just basic. Many times, they seem to cop out and not even draw the background of go for the close up on the faces. They also do the fucken close ups on the breasts and body too which make me smack my head into the wall.

I have problems with the English voice. Male Hazumu sounds so much like a girl that I see no difference in him being male or female. Tomari sounds more like a boy then he does as a guy! Everyone else sounds so much like a whiny little girl that it just bothers me a lot. The script is so cheesy that I just want to smack the writer. No really, its really really bad! The words sound so much like the person is just reading lines without any feeling what so ever. Even when they do have emotion, it sounds forced. It’s also done rather close to the translation so it feels really choppy. People keep saying ‘it is’ instead of ‘it’s’ and all this other problems. I just want it to end! Though the voices do get a little better (more on the lines that I had to get used to it for necessity rather then it being good) like around the 5th episode, it feels a little late.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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