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Excel Saga

Ok… this is fucken nuts… Why would a show with no plot and underlining story exist like this? Actually, maybe I’m being a little too harsh on it. It’s a rather mind numbing show, full of ridicules humor and down right perverted jokes. Almost all of it is rather random cut away gags and many people dieing and the story starting all over again. When I say no plot, it means that it never actually follows what the plot is ‘supposed’ to be!

The main character must be drinking to much caffeine and taking speed pills. I would love to have half of her energy just to get through class in the morning. Excel is… I really have no clue exactly how to explain her since she is everywhere. She is the main reason why I dislike this series pretty much consisting of the same strange energy and randomness as Puni Puni Poemy. In fact, I believe that the same voice actor might have even played both characters for crying out loud! How am I actually supposed to pick her apart anyway? We only know she loves her ‘lord’ Palazzo and she graduated. For god sake, she dies almost every 5 minutes of the first episode!

Hyatt pretty much only has the base of being a weak little princess character that coughs up blood. That, pretty much is her character. Palazzo some what falls for her, even to playing a dating game that has a character like her as the main. He also does pretty much nothing in the show except sit on his but and play games. He also has the manga creator for Excel Saga killed in the first episode too.

The animation is all over the fucken place! Sometimes its ok but most of the time its pretty much stupid. It doesn’t look right with characters getting out of proportion, the backgrounds becoming bland, and the characters writing seems odd. Seriously, I have trouble just talking about all the flaws that this show has most of the time. I did like the few times that they are good, it is pretty good.

The voices actually do fit, though I still don’t like them in both English and Japanese. Excel sounds to whinny, half the time I can’t hear Hyatt, and Palazzo seems to be the only one that sounds good but he does pretty much nothing… Ya… this is stupid.I seriously do not like this show although it is not as bad as Puni Puni Poemy. Watch this while drunk or just don’t want to think because even as I try to write this, my mind is going numb.

4/10 story
3/10 animation
3/10 sound
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Japan808 says...

This review...nailed it lol 

Mind numbing is the only way too describe it XD the only laughs excel saga got out of me were WTF laughs, from the insane amount of screaming and chaos Haha!

Jul 27, 2013