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Well here is a flashback to my childhood. When I was little, I would sit and watch this for so long, I had the cards and played the game. Now that I’m older, I actually think it’s pretty interesting. Not exactly fully good but actually alright. It starts out actually rather bad but I do say it gets better. Warning, I try hard not to actually put spoilers in my reviews but this one may have a couple.

We start out with a normal story of Yugi getting his Grandfather’s deck in ‘his dying breath’ to get revenge on Seto for taking his Grandfather’s Blue Eyes (not really dying breath as we all know). The first damn episode feels more like a pilot episode then an actual episode because they have to explain so much about the game and about Seto and Yugi’s forever battle. It also shows the first time we actually see Yugi turn into his older. How Yugi actually knows how to call upon his millennium puzzle is beyond me. They actually show them as two entities and yet, it shows them as the same as well. It’s hard to actually talk about there. The only time we actually get any information about the puzzle and other millennium items is in the second episode with a narrator. Now why they couldn’t just use a narrator to explain a bit of the game and the thing with Yugi and Seto, it just seems off. 

Now, I have a problem with the idea of Kiba. He seems to be in the same class as Yugi but he looks so much older then Yugi and sometimes acts older (Although he still whines like a little baby most of the time when he doesn’t get his way). Other characters ether looks way to young to be adults even though they are and vice a versa. Characters also act rather young when they are supposed to be adults. Adults are actually rare in the game but shouldn’t at least Pegasus act a bit older then the ‘cat with his toy’ style he does. We have problems with characters proportions not working out quite right against items. When Yugi’s Grandpa holds up a card, it looks so much wider then any other card that was shown.

The art style starts like its mimicking the style of Dragon ball Z. All the characters have really spiky hair and half the time has hair that defies gravity. Characters mouths move a bit odd even for the Japanese style of talking. The lip sinks get better the more they did the dubbing but in the beginning, it looks rather bad.

The English voices… well, 4 kids did it, need I say more? The script is the worst part but at least I like the voice actors for some of the characters. I like Yugi’s, his Grandpa’s, and some of the characters with the millennium items. The others… I just tend to try to block them out.

So, exactly what can I say about all this? It’s a childrens show and it will always be a childrens show, there to give some little bit of nestalga for those that grew up with it and in my opinion, better then a lot of other shows that came out around this time.

6/10 story
5/10 animation
4/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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