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Oh dear me. When you have an anime based on Otaku life, its not going to always be pretty. Still, the show is rather good for its own right. It was odd because the very first episode actually felt like my group of friends just sitting and talking anime like the podcast. Also, for those that want to learn a little bit, I should say you should watch all the way through the credits because after, they sometimes have little facts. I even learned from them even though I watch tons of anime.

The main character is really a bland guy, but I feel that they did this for a reason. It brought us into this world with somewhat a clean view on things. Now if only he wasn’t always talking about Hentai and dojinshi… I guess on the bright side, he is in a point that he’s not a complete otaku but more on the edge who is just learning the deeper parts of his fandom.

What’s great about an anime like this is that there is a character that anyone could really relate to, not just the main character. Sometimes you can even take parts of the characters and put them together to represent you. They have the cosplayer, the game player, the over obsessed guy, an artist, and even a newbie in the group as well. All these characters help give a wide variety of storylines to grab hold of and give you a sense of connection. The feeling I normally get watching this is that this little clubhouse, this small sanctuary of otaku-dom is pretty much their home. They are almost like one big family who doesn’t want to lose their life.

The only person that really creeps me out is the head chairman. He has really black eyes and acts really odd most of the time. Also, many times he talks in almost a out of this world manner. Just something that really creeped me out when he actually did anything.

People don’t really notice this but this show has a lot of philology involved in the show. It does dive into the reasons as to why people go to anime without going way to out of control. They dissect what makes an otaku an otaku and the reasons behind why some people don’t like it and some do. It’s also about people trying new things weather or not they will actually like it.

The animation is very bland, looking a little like Colorful but not as bad. It’s a step in the right direction at least and they do have a rather good contrast between the real world with its rather toned down colors and the anime side with its bright and rich colors. I never really found any point where they lacked art styles or was off. If something was, then it was slight and pretty much unnoticeable. What you see in the first episode is what you get throughout the show when it comes to art style with it only slightly getting better as it was going. Each of the ending credits surprised me though. The artwork for the ending actually changes each show. It’s not always the same ending.

The dub isn’t really all that bad actually. It’s an older one so some of the voices are slightly stiff, but it doesn’t feel unnatural. I would think they actually would be stiff when meeting new people or so and it’s not like they don’t end up warming up.

7/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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