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Jul 22, 2013

These poor poor girls with large breasts… They are just like little sticks with two huge beach balls that should be pulling them down to the ground. What is the point of this show? It’s just there to see breasts and panties of girls who have probably had plastic surgery to enlarge their breasts. Seriously, its as though they are in the same competition as Maxi Mounds and Sheyla Hershey. (Haven't heard of them? They are in compaction for Genius Book of World Records for the biggest artificially made breasts. Just the images make me scared.) This should really have been a hentai instead of just an Ecchi. It’s has little to no plot and what it does gets lost in the sea of breasts. Alrgiht…. Lets get down to the technical side of this stupid anime… unfortunately, you may be as disgusted at I was.

Every character is pretty much a stereotype although one thing seems to keep the girls all together… that is, their breasts. Densuke is a normal main character in a lot of harems, rather stupid and normal… yes, throughout this entire thing, there is one normal character. He has nothing really going for him though all the girls love him and want to be around him. The only other male character we could talk about is Shima and he is a typical rival of Densuke for Chiharu’s heart. He’s a smart ass and thinks he’s better then everyone else.

Now on to the stupid females… Chiharu is the shy soft-spoken girl who is clumsy and rather Moe. She has two melons on her chest and seems to always get into rather strange predicaments with them. She sadly has to wear bras that are two small which make her pop out of them a lot… (Sorry… I just threw up a little.) Kirika is a really tall G-cup breasted girl. She is the one that gives Densuke a hard time by pushing his head into her breasts or her butt and puts a lot of phallic food into her mouth. Those that do not have a dictionary, it means something shaped like an erect penis. She also eats said food in a rather seductive manner (It’s not seductive… its just plain stupid looking). So… um… next is Komoe and I’m going to stop after her because I don’t think I can actually show my disgust anymore or even hold in my lunch. She is a pink-haired 6th grader with boobies the size larger then Chiharu… and now we can stop talking about the characters because we have gone way out of my comfort zone.

The artwork suffers greatly on the proportion side of things, and everything is made to try to get an arousal out of someone. There are a lot of things that are made to look like something rather perverted. The town they live in seems to look like a large breast with a very hard nipple; Raman is made to look like cum, and just a lot of stupid things that can get lost in ones head. All of the shows humor revolves around many suggestive images like girls swimming in a swimming pool full of yogurt… and there goes the rest of my lunch.

The voices are so bad, I cringed. No one can figure out how to actually talk well or pronounce the names at all. The Music…. Was there really any music? I didn’t figure out if there was or not and if there was, it was much to low to hear.

All in all, don’t ever make me watch it again!

1/10 story
2/10 animation
1/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall

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