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Jul 21, 2013

This is a really creepy show. I never know what is real or what isn’t with this, it seems to be all in Takumi head. I can understand why they call it Chaos;HEAd, his head is all screwed up. The guy seriously thinks a anime character is real and his girlfriend, he lives in a strange box on top of a roof, and just keeps being a whiny little prick for almost the whole show.

I got confused easily in the beginning, it was odd and out of place almost. I do have a question though, a lot of shows seem to have the main character that’s really off and then he ends up being the center of attention for all the girls. And of course, they all aren’t what people call normal. This is the base of all Harems and yet I still cannot get into it with the character. The strange thing is, Takumi sounds a bit like a couple people on DesuDes in his love for anime and such. He even talks about studying the director and writers which is pretty awesome. I like the fact that they really seem to add that part to the show.

When they say Psychological Thriller, they really mean it. It’s been making me wonder why a lot of these types are being dubbed now. I found this one on the Funimation Youtube account or I would of probably not heard about it until one of DesuDes looked into it. The whole show if a mind fuck, seriously. I watched with I had no sleep so I might be making it worse then it is on that account but really….

The artwork is really good, very crisp like normal shows in this time. While looking at all these shows, it’s hard to say anything about artwork that looks almost exactly the same as every other show that’s out there at around the same time.

The music for the ending is a little odd, and I don’t get it even if it’s a good beat. The opening is much better sounding then the ending and seems to give a better feel to the show. The English dub is pretty good and the girls don’t seem bothersome except for his sister. She is just plain annoying, like Eimi Ohba from Comic Party.

9/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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