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The show has pretty much the same feeling as the video games. They have us slipping between different characters, making all three of them feel like the main character. They also have Claire in her always pretty looking; somehow, she never seems to get dirty even when a plain crashes about a foot away blowing up almost everything. It has everything we need from a horror movie, guns, zombies, tention, and a bit of Romance.

I want to say one thing about one of the characters, I cannot STAND Senator Ron Davis. He’s a jackass and buts into everything. They did a really good job in making look as stuck up and snobby as most fat politicians (no offence to those in that department). I do have one problem with him and that is that I think I have seen him somewhere else and it wasn’t in the Resident Evil storyline.

Now, I actually really like Clare, and I also liked the girl that pretty much looks like her, Angela Miller. She has a bit of the same spunk as Clare has, though at times, she feels just like a copy of Clare.

They stay pretty close to the storyline of the games and that’s one thing I really love about this. It keeps true and though I haven’t played all the games, it feels like a branch of the games like you can’t watch without knowing the games.

Well, the animation feels like one big cut scene actually. But it’s not saying that it’s not good. The animation texture is really well done, making people actually look real, and that’s were we get some problems. The characters look almost too real and so when the movements feel choppy, it takes away from it. The clothing also feels a bit stiff and glossy which again makes things feel a little off. I actually like when the textures became dark and dirty because then it felt much more real. The bright look didn’t look right.

Voices are pretty good though the matching of the lip-sink isn’t all that great. There really isn’t much excuse on that part though since the language was actually first English.

9/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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