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Jul 21, 2013

For someone who has not seen Blood: The Last Vampire yet, it may seem a bit confusing as to the storyline, although the story is only loosely based off of it. For the idea of it being a Vampire show, this is not. It has no actual vampire although it has some variation of a ‘vampire-like’ monsters. It doesn’t really explain much about the main characters and why they really were the main characters in the first place. It starts out with Saya and her friend seeming to be way to close then just friends. Saya pretty much lost her memory and goes to blood transfusions often. As she does all this, she searches for her memories. Then all hell breaks loose that same first episode. WARNING! There is a little bit of spoilers in this review.

There is a saying that goes around the show of ‘whatever will be, will be’ but yet, the show does not really keep to this. Other interesting things is the fact that the monsters in this are similar to vampires and yet, they are not exactly like vampires. It actually feels pretty interesting in that sense for it gives it a feel all its own (and yes, I know there are a couple animes out there with almost the same feel. This one at least tries to be different though). Much of the story is rather sad and dark, with only a little bit of comedy what doesn’t stand out well.

We will talk about Saya first. Saya is just like a normal girl with a big secret. She is actually not human, but yet not like the monsters (Chiropteran) she fights. From the moment she tastes Hagi’s blood, she remembers things about her past that were sealed away when she fell asleep 30 years before. Its really hard talking about her and the other characters for it can really bring about spoilers for the show.

Hagi is her Chevalier and only person who have been alive almost as long as Saya has. He was bought from his parents as though he was a piece of livestock with the hope he would ‘breed’ with Saya like they were animals. I actually really do with that the two would get together and find happiness because they are a rather cute couple. He’s the rather silent type almost all knowing and truly cares about Saya.

There is a deep connection between Saya and her adopted family. It’s so great that when Saya leaves, they end up trying to follow her to help her as much as they can. It’s really heartfelt and will bring tears to your eyes if you’re rather sentimental about this type of stuff.

The animation is actually rather beautiful, looking like it was done almost perfectly. At times, the scenes are rather dark and give a rather horror based look about the show, and then it will actually lighten up to make it a little more cheerful. As the story gets going, the darker it gets and the more fight scenes happen. I know this is a little strange to say, but in Anime terms, Saya actually does look a lot like a Korean. Other characters are a bit interesting, though there really wasn’t much that stood out. I love how they created Hagi in the rather quiet and mysterious type of character. He has a very Victorian feel about him everywhere he goes.

The music is beautiful, mostly orchestra related and captures the sad moods rather well. The voices are actually pretty good, though some of the supporting characters sound a bit off. They made the perfect voice for Hagi as Crispin Freeman. He’s perfect for the mysterious style of guy. Saya on the other hand sounds a bit whiny at times though, and it gets a little odd.

7/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
6/10 overall
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